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MyAPDPro Portal

The MyAPDPro portal is now available for APDPro students to track attendance and requirements and RSVP to events.

Visit https://connect.apdesign.ksu.edu/apdpro/myapdpro to log in with your eID and password.

All current APDesign students are encouraged to participate in APDPro.

Sign-up here.

APDPro is a professional development program offered to you as an APDesign student. The mission of APDPro is to enrich your experience in APDesign and provide a competitive advantage as they study and prepare to enter the workplace. The programs offered through APDPro provide you with easy access to a variety of valuable support services and university and professional resources through workshops, lectures, seminars and leadership activities.

• Successful transition to APDesign
• Career development
• Exposure to off-campus opportunities
• Future planning
• Personal enrichment
• Connection to professionals in the design and planning professions
• Successful transition from college to the workplace
View a list of APDPro eligible events here

 apdpro requirements


As a student participating in APDPro, you will attend program-required events that are tailored to your specific academic year. For example, second-year students will attend a portfolio basics workshop, while fifth-year students will participate in a financial planning seminar. You will also attend a lecture of your choice each semester and participate in one leadership activity with a reflection each year.

You will have the opportunity to apply to be matched with a mentor in your second, third or fourth year as a part of the APDPro Mentor Program. Our APDPro mentors are alumni and friends of the university with proven expertise in the design professions.


You will receive a notation on your transcript each year you complete the program requirements. If you complete the requirements all 5 years, you will receive special recognition at commencement.



What students are saying

“It really means something when there is a K-State grad in front of me showing me what they designed, and telling me how they’ve made it. This is so effective because it gives insight to what I might become someday. Thank you APDPro!”

-- APDPro Student



For more information about APDPro, please contact:

Danna Voegeli, APDPro Coordinator
1127 Regnier Hall
(785) 532-2846


APDPro Portal

Proof of Attendance Form

Leadership Reflection Questions 

Add APDPro to your Resume

APDPro Mentor Program

If you're looking for more information about the APDPro Mentor Program, please follow the appropriate link.

Information for Students

Information for Mentors 

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