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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

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College of Architecture, Planning & Design
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DSAC Request Form

Architecture, Planning, and Design
College Council Representative Application


*Required Information

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Local Address:

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*Program: IAPD, ARCH, RCP, LA, ENVD or PHD

*Expected Graduation Date:


*Statement of Intent: Please briefly explain why you are interested in becoming a Representative on the College of Architecture, Planning and Design College Council. Establish why you believe you would be a good candidate for the position and how you would best represent your discipline well.


*Other Campus Involvement: List any other clubs and/or organizations that you belong to or are involved with on campus

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is the College Council for the college of Architecture, Planning, and Design. It is an informational committee designed to connect all leaders of the college to easily convey information to the entire student body. The mission of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council is to facilitate communication between all students, faculty, programs, and administration within the college of Architecture, Planning, and Design. Members will consist of leaders throughout the whole college and representatives from every major discipline and organization. This application is for the representatives for each department. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT:

 *I certify that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate.