Shakil Kashem PhD, AICP

Kashem Assistant Professor
Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

1086 Seaton Hall
920C N. Martin King Jr. Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506
T: (785) 532-5961 | Curriculum Vitae


My research interests center on urban social vulnerability, equity planning, and community resilience. I am interested in exploring how plans and policies, particularly in the realm of climate change concerns, influence socially vulnerable populations and in identifying ways to ensure just and equitable outcomes from these plans. I have keen interests in Geographic Information Science and its applications in urban planning. In my current research, I am exploring how urban big data can be leveraged to analyze the space-time dynamics of social vulnerability within a city and how such dynamics can be considered in equity planning. Prior to joining the Regional & Community Planning program at K-State, I was a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I received my PhD in Regional Planning from the University of Illinois, and completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.