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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Message From the Dean 

 Timothy de NobleThere has never been a better time to be a design or planning professional nor a period of human existence in need of greater design and planning leadership. Our world needs us…Our society needs us…Our future needs us.

All but the most intractable among us recognize the impact we have on our environmental actions and are committed to changing our behavior to mitigate our negative impact on the interrelated systems of our planet. In parallel, we live in a world where all but the callous realize the life-changing enrichment inherent in respecting our diverse and multi-cultural heritage. Both of these interrelated issues, sustainability and diversity, have a profound impact on the design professions and on the way in which we educate.

The focus on sustainability has fostered a collective, holistic mindset once seemingly held only by select researchers and science-fiction writers. Design education and research is focused on and tempered by the impact construction, manufacturing and production has on the environment and on the interconnectedness of our actions. Design is a necessity for all, not a luxury afforded to a few and as such its transformative impact is aimed at and informed by the full spectrum, and at all scales, of human activity. At APDesign//K-State we promote the transforming potential of design and design-oriented research as necessary endeavors in a society dedicated to environmental stability and diversity, through renewed dedication to our land-grant mission; educating students while conducting research and engaging in community outreach, all the while disseminating knowledge addressing the most poignant issues confronting our society.

At APDesign//K-State we are motivated to build on the traditional strengths of our college while finding innovative ways for students of each of the allied disciplines the opportunity to engage in collaborative research, design and outreach. One of our greatest strengths and distinctions is that all disciplines of the design and planning endeavor are housed under one roof. Our professional design and planning programs embrace multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration in line with the metrics of environmental sustainability, social equity, economic viability and aesthetic delight. In preparing our graduates for a trajectory of meaningful practice and community leadership, we aspire to much more than developing the base competencies necessary to negotiate traditional models of practice, striving to instill in our graduates a desire for inventive application of knowledge and experience in expanding the boundaries of their professions.

Our new facility in the renovated and expanded Seaton and Regnier Halls, operational as of August 2017, is organized to enrich this potent interdisciplinary model. The building and its attendant interior and exterior spaces will reflect our values, our commitment to our historic heritage and our dedication to environmental stewardship. We will have transformed a late 19th century and early 20th century structure into an innovative 21stcentury learning and teaching environment. In it, we will not only design, plan and lead, but we will build, fabricate and grow thereby advancing the impact and applicability of design, tested through production and research. 

As proof of the need for designers in our communities, I’m pleased to say that according a study by  USA Today, those who major in architecture and design professions hold the top slot as most employable with 97%!


Tim de Noble, AIA
Professor and Dean