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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


IIDA Design Wars - IAPD had several students participate in the third annual International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Design Wars in Kansas City.  The intent of the charrette was to design a new restaurant concept that would bring in a variety of business.  The restaurant was to include spaces for a market and butcher shop, lunch, dinner and a bar for drinks.  Students from different university campuses were teamed up in groups of 3 to collaborate in the design process.  Design Wars provided a great networking opportunity for students, not only with professionals but with students from other campuses.  Our own Erin Heiden (5th year) was on the winning team, and gained a $500 prize for her split of the winning entry.

Wounded Warriors - Students from all disciplines across Architecture, Planning & Design were invited to participate in a Wounded Warrior Training Farm design charrette to develop a master plan for a new farm-training and healing center to serve wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The vision is to provide a farm-based vocational training and healing center to serve soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and severely injured amputees. Professor Jani and her 5th year Capstone Studio are working with a large contingent of interested parties including retired military, Fort Riley soldiers, Topeka Rehabilitation clinic, faculty and staff from several departments on campus in agriculturally-related and extension-related areas.


Chang Gallery Exhibit – IAPD had 4 students who participated in the Italian Studies Program at Centro Studi Citti di Orvieto during their Spring 2015 semester.  Their final projects as well as photos from their time in Italy are on display in the Chang Gallery in Seaton Hall.


IAPD Students Diana Blom, Erin Heiden, and David Amstutz 

2nd year students - took a field trip to visit a Manhattan Tiny House community.  Tiny houses are the new way of life.  Our students have several projects in the works to research, experience, and design tiny houses as an alternative designed living environment.


WWI SIGNAGE CHARRETTE – Assistant Professor Donna Fulmer gave an informational lecture to students in all disciplines of our college about “design graphics and wayfinding” especially as related to the WWI Museum in Kansas City.  Following the lecture she held a multi-disciplinary design charrette.  Students were asked to present design possibilities for the signage and wayfinding systems for the extensive museum experience.  The signage was to include vehicular, pedestrian, maps, interior and exterior.  

3rd, 4th and 5th Year Students
left for their field trips on September 27th.  3rd year students went to Dallas, 4th year students went to Chicago and 5th year students went to Denver. In addition to acquainting students with urban living and transportation experiences, visits with alumni, design firms, installations, museums, and manufacturing facilities are each part of the intensive field experiences.


Assistant Professor Dustin Headley will be a guest speaker at the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) 2015 Medical Design Conference on October 21st at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation in Tampa, Florida.  He will be presenting “Engaging Empathy and Making:  3D Printed Prosthetic Skins.”

Associate Professor Katrina Lewis attended the Summer Peacebuilding Program at Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey, California from July 27-August 14th.  The intensive peacebuilding course focused on bridging theory and practice for academics and practitioners.  The peacebuilding topics ranged from economics, development, politics, structural violence, weapons, justice, the environment, trauma, reconciliation, gender, relation, culture and resilience.

Associate Professor Vibha Jani is working with the Human Capital Services office to assist in their understanding of the newest theories and trends in workplace design; the 4th year Research Methods course (under Professor Jani’s direction) has incorporated research related to this topic in their coursework and will be presenting to the KSU group later this month.