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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

APDesign Newsletter 12.3.12


Enjoy a break with all of us! 

Take a study/studio break tonight and enjoy a slice of pizza, a cookie or donut and a beverage in Pierce Commons starting at 9 pm. 

Weigel Library and K-State Libraries are furnishing the pizza, AIAS is providing cookies and donuts and SCASLA is bringing both hot and cold beverages. 

Thanks to the offices of Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning and Architecture for helping out with beverage dispensers. 

Take that break, enjoy a snack, then finish your project! See you tonight!


What do you want the Flint Hills to be like in the future? What do you want your lifestyle - and the lifestyles of your children - to be like? What kind of amenities do you want in your region? Create a username and log onto the Flint Hills Frontiers Forum (http://forum.flinthillsfrontiers.org/), and start sharing ideas that will help shape the Flint Hills Regional Master Plan. Visit the project Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flint-Hills-Frontiers/438649782811858.


Students who submitted entries to the Thomas A. Tyler and Answers Inc. Environmental and Architectural Student Photography Competition can pick up your framed entries in Emily Vietti’s office (Seaton 214) starting tomorrow. Please be sure and pick up your photo before you head home at the end of the semester.


The 2013 Hart Howerton Fellowship Program is for both undergraduate and graduate students in planning, architecture, landscape architecture and urban design who will be entering their final year of study in September 2013. Hart Howerton is excited about providing an opportunity to students to enrich their experience in their fields of study.

Click “more” to see the features of the fellowship and application process.  

Background:  In 2005, Hart Howerton began an educational initiative to fund a select number of fellowship positions for students at design schools. Each summer, fellowships allow the firm to employ several students in planning, architecture and/or landscape architecture under a single program, mirroring our firm’s dedication to the working integration of those disciplines in how and what we design. The fellowship also provides a component of funded travel for research on a topic that each fellow selects.

Structure:  Hart Howerton defines an eight-week “assignment” as part of an existing firm project, followed by the fellow’s self-defined, approved topic of travel study. The three-week travel period’s findings are prepared, upon return, as a report presented by the fellow to the firm.  

The fellowship includes:

  • $2,000 for housing assistance during the eight-week stay in San Francisco or New York.

  • $3,000 fellowship travel expenses during the three-week travel period.

  • Salary for the eight-week fellowship/internship.

  • Round trip travel to SF or NY from the student’s school at start/end of program.

Application Process/Fellowship Schedule: The application is a downloaded PDF from our website, www.harthowerton.com. The submittal of an accompanying portfolio will be in electronic form, uploaded to the Hart Howerton website. Hart Howerton principals make the final selections, though they may seek information from the relevant schools when appropriate. Deadline for the fellowship application and portfolio submission is January 25, 2013. Hart Howerton will select a short list of up to 10 students to be interviewed by telephone or in person before final selection. The list of fellows is announced in early March. The fellows arrive in the firm’s offices in late May/early June and the program is completed prior to the start of their fall semester in late August/early September.

Past recipients of the Hart Howerton Fellowship have traveled to the United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Africa, Europe and throughout the United States working on projects that include researching land reclamation sites, green roof applications, coastal programming strategies and the role of design in third world health care programs, among others.

A PDF file with the application form, postcard and poster is here PDF Icon HH Fellowship Package 2013.