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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



Welcome back, students! With the start of school upon us once again, you’re invited to attend the All College Forum to get back in the loop for all things APDesign.

Dean de Noble will address the students in the K-State Union Forum Hall today at 3:30 p.m. The Dean will recap the faculty achievements; discuss new technology and upcoming events for the college. Bring your planner and a pen and be sure to take note of all the important things you won’t want to miss this semester.



Gary Coates, a highly distinguished Architecture professor and author, among many other things, has been with Kansas State University since 1977.  Since that time he has earned a multitude of awards and recognitions.

Coates' publications include a several research monographs, more than a dozen book chapters, and some 70 papers published in professional journals. He has edited and authored six books, including: "Resettling America: Energy, Ecology and Community," (1981); "Erik Asmussen, Architect (1997); "The Architecture of Carl Nyrén" (2007) and most recently “The Rebirth of Sacred Art” (2013).

His latest book allows readers to re-think the history of art and re-imagine the rebirth of sacred art in our time using artwork from Adi Da Samraj’s Florence exhibit.  This art is highly regarded in its own right, and highlighted by the location choice. Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance contrasts dramatically with Samraj’s style of art.



The first day of school can be exhausting for some, but we’re here to help. To celebrate your return to campus, we’ve bought you donuts! (Sugar Rush!) Come to the Peirce Commons any time after 7:30 a.m. and enjoy the free food!



Each week inside the E-Newsletter there is a picture that doesn’t necessarily belong with the story it’s attached to. Hidden somewhere on the premises of Seaton Hall (including outside) is a laminated note. 

When you find the laminated note, you can bring it to Seaton 214 to claim your prize. This picture will be something that stands out in Seaton hall, and will direct you into the area of the card.

More information can be found on Facebook, but will not be posted until after the E-Newsletter has hit your inbox (giving the newsletter readers an advantage, hint hint)
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
B & T
Seaton 214