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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



study abroad

Study Abroad Exhibit in Chang Gallery: Runs Through Oct 4

APDesign Research Symposium


Please remember to submit an abstract for the inaugural APDesign Research Symposium.  The purpose of the symposium is an educational one -- giving the graduate students in our college an opportunity to learn how to develop an abstract, a research presentation, and understand the amount of work it takes to put together a strong presentation. This is your chance to practice writing and presenting in a research forum.  Linda Sorrento, the Executive Director of the Academy of Environmental Design, will be the keynote speaker.  Professor Tim Keane will also make a short presentation on his research.

Important dates for the Symposium are:


            Abstracts due                                          27 September 2013


            Announcement of presentations / posters           11 October 2013


            Symposium                                               9 November 2013


Remember your abstract (2 pages total) should be submitted to apdesign@k-state.edu by 27 September 2013 no later than 5 p.m.

Attention Golfing Students!



There are a limited number of golf slots available for students to play at the Alumni & Friends Annual Golf Tournament on October 4, 2013. Make sure to check your schedule to ensure that you will be able to play. If interested email Thom Jackson at tjackson@ksu.edu. Selection will be on a first come first served basis.

Designing victory: Architecture students earn honors from American Institute of Architects Kansas

MANHATTAN -- The American Institute of Architects Kansas, or AIA Kansas, honored the work of several students from Kansas State University's College of Architecture Planning and Design at the organization's recent annual conference.

The honors were for outstanding studio work by an architecture student and for a project by a team of architecture students at a Girl Scout camp near Topeka. The awards were presented at the AIA Kansas Conference, Sept. 11-14, in Lawrence.

Eli Logan, master's student in architecture, Manhattan, earned second place and a $250 prize in the AIA Kansas Student Competition for his project, the Whole Body Center, a fitness center in the Crossroads district of Kansas City, MO. His professor Nathan Howe said, “Eli’s project simultaneously creates something that is subtle and quiet from the exterior and exciting and extraordinary from the interior. This kind of sophistication is exactly the type of student Kansas State University produces and its fantastic to see the Kansas AIA recognize his beautiful work."

The competition, for architecture students at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University, encourages and recognizes excellence in student work, elevates public awareness and recognizes architecture students whose efforts enhance the art of architecture. Three students from each university are selected for the competition, who submit drawings or models of their work. Award winners are determined by the votes of conference attendees.

Earning the AIA Kansas Design Award for Student Architecture at the conference was a team of Kansas State University students, all seniors in architecture, for their design-build project at Camp Daisy Hindman in Shawnee County. The area girl scout council, the Girls Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri, teamed with Kansas State University's architecture program to make needed improvements to camp facilities. The student team worked with el dorado, inc, architects, who served as their faculty for the academic year.

The Kansas State students designed and built a new shower building and camper housing.

In describing the project, the judges wrote: "Camp Daisy is a reminder that archetypes still have significance. The cubes and living huts compliment the gabled temple of the shower building that's up the hill. Modest means and materials are heightened by a sophisticated planning strategy that places the shower at the top of an ascending path, which makes certain that nature is engaged in between. The curtain — in robin’s egg blue — is counter intuitively placed on the outside of the building, transforming it into a sun-breaker that will flutter and modulate the interior light. Both buildings are vivid, well crafted and delightful."

Students participating in the Camp Daisy Hindman project were:

From Greater Kansas City: Amanda Mihelcic, Lenexa; Jessica Symons, Olathe; and Justin Pohl, Overland Park.

Kevin Stiegler, Manhattan; and Kristen Martin, Topeka.

From out of state:

Aaron Garcia, Denver, Colo.; Luis Fretes, Sarasota, Fla.; and Jennifer Hannon, Columbia, Ill.

From Missouri: Shannon Gayman, Archie; Alex Callow, Graham; Kevin Stelzer, Labadie; Ross Morgan, Neosho; and Ryan Stumpf, St. Louis.


Third Floor Tidbits: 

Weigel Library 

Weigel Library has employed eight College of APDesign students as library assistants for the Fall 2013 semester.  During the 77 hours a week Weigel is open, these students are on staff to assist patrons with their library research and/or technology questions.

The student library assistants for the fall semester are:  Benjamin Chmiel (PLAN), Danielle DeOrsey (LA), Emily Kruse (IAPD), James Wood (PLAN), Katherine Gutierrez (ARCH), Leah Edwards (LA), Olivia Pitt-Perez (LA), and Rebecca Roberts (ARCH).

When you’re in Weigel and need assistance, please ask these outstanding students to help you.  They’re great!

Remember when you’re working very late at night or very early in the morning, Weigel has a website:  http://www.lib.k-state.edu/architecture.   You can check the library’s hours of operation, new resources and access the catalog or databases from the website.  

Scavenger Hunt

clue Good luck!

Upcoming Events

10.02 ARCH Distinguished Lecture: Thomas Phifer
10.04 Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament
10.21 APDesign Mock Interviews - Alumni Center

OCT. 2 @ 4:00P.M.

The College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State University hosts Thomas Phifer at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the K-State Student Union's Little Theatre. Phifer will present "Current Work" as part of the Architecture Distinguished Lecture Series, which is free and open to the public.

Phifer, an executive of his firm, Thomas Phifer and Partners, is a highly regarded modernistic architect favoring a humanistic standpoint. He has been honored by the American Institute of Architects, receiving its National Honor Award seven times and also earning a Medal of Honor.

"Thomas Phifer and Partners makes innovative use of technology to create architecture with a different spirit: architecture that connects us with nature, rather than separating us from it," Phifer said. "We take our instructions from the environment, allowing the elements of nature to inform design. We strive to make architecture that is enriched by the awareness of location and landscape, the movement of the sun, the changes in weather."

The firm is challenged to create buildings that foster a sense of tradition and culture, that make permeable the boundaries between inside and outside, enabling their inhabitants to experience the passing time of both days and seasons.

For more information about Phifer and his company, visit http://www.thomasphifer.com.