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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


All faculty, students and staff of APDesign,


First of all, I hope everyone has a fulfilling Thanksgiving break. It is always wonderful to gather together with family and friends during this time of year. I hope each of you will reach out to those friends whose distance from home may preclude this opportunity and make them a part of your family during the Holiday. I certainly hope everyone will take care in traveling!

As mentioned in Monday's APDesign E-newsletter, the thefts of a year ago are prevalent on our minds as the break approaches. Since that time a great number of security measures have been implemented including lock covers on all doors, limited after-hours access into Seaton (1st and 2nd floor at main entry and the east and west doors of the Seaton courtyard)  and a comprehensive system of security cameras. Please know that technology and restricted access alone are not enough to avoid all criminal activity. It takes vigilance (not to be confused with vigilante) on the part of all members of our community. In this case please lock all doors, secure all equipment and belongings, remove door stops, lock windows, avoid working or walking alone and be sure to report any suspicious activity immediately.

The K-State Police can be reached by calling (785) 532-6412 on in an emergency, do not hesitate to call 911.

Please be sure to back-up your data to an external hard drive and do not leave this with your primary computer. Some data can be stored through your account on our servers. (We are working to increase this capacity but this project will not be completed for the break.) Please know that in some cases, internal drives were removed from computers, not the entire machine.

The work all of you are doing here is significant and important. We raise this issue of safety not to cause fear, but to avoid the feeling of violation and loss of security that came with last year's thievery. Ours is a wonderful culture of invention and messy vitality generating national attention for our efforts. Lets avoid starring on 'Crimestoppers' and keep the focus on our positive contributions to society!

Happy Thanksgiving!



You have been contacted, via e-mail, to participate in either the "Years One-Three Survey (fourth year students)  or  the Enrichment Survey (fifth year students)  which focuses on study abroad, internship and/or KCDC.  Please know that the faculty and administration at Kansas State University work continuously to evaluate our programs.  The information that we obtain from these surveys enables us to strengthen the best features of our programs as well as to make changes if needed.  Your opinion is critical in providing information about the programs you just completed. We appreciate your completion of the survey and thank you for your interest and participation.



Regional & Community Planning students participate in annual learning event with charitable twist

by: Courtney Boman

boxThe K-State Student Planning Association (SPA) hosted an annual event, BOXhattan, with 44 fifth graders from Woodrow Wilson Elementary. BOXhattan took place on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the First Lutheran Church of Manhattan.

As a thank you for letting the event be held in the First Lutheran Church facilities SPA, along with the fifth graders, have been collecting nonperishable food items for the First Lutheran Food Pantry. In total the group will donate 166 items to the pantry, which will be delivered on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

BOXhattan began in 2011 and is hosted once a semester. In the fall, the chapter works with fifth-graders at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. The event was created as a way for SPA members to teach the principles of planning, community involvement and urban design to elementary students. 

“I have continued participating in BOXhattan because I felt it was beneficial for the student’s knowledge of their community and what planning is essential for a working community,” said Molly Emert, fifth grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.

The chapter takes the students through a multi-step process that mirrors real-life planning scenarios. BOXhattan allows the children to plan their own city using boxes of various sizes. The children have to apply for “building permits” and have their building “approved” by a SPA member.

“My students enjoy the building creative aspect of BOXhattan and the fact that they have to explain and reason with a community planner when wanting to place their box on the grid,” Emert said.

Once buildings are complete, there is one final group discussion about the finished city and what the children think of it. This gives students a chance to use the knowledge they've just learned to discuss what makes a city, and what choices can make it better for all.

“My favorite part about BOXhattan is seeing the fresh perspective on city planning that children bring,” said James Wood, president of the student planning association. “We're used to seeing it from an academic, social, and political perspective as adults, so it's nice to see how kids view and plan their cities.”

“BOXhattan is a wonderful participatory event for these children, as it helps them to understand that cities are acts of will, not just happenstance,” said Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. “I am so pleased our Regional and Community Planning students have devised this outreach opportunity.”

News from 35th annual Oz journal 'Public Interest Design'


Elias Logan
We are proud to announce that the 35th annual Oz journal 'Public Interest Design' is hot off the presses!  The latest issue of the award-winning, student edited publication of the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design will be on sale during the week of December 2-6 at the top of Pierce Commons.

Swing by our table on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 11:30am -1:30pm to get a copy of your very own. Journals will be priced at $20 a piece with a free Oz T-shirt while supplies and sizes last.

The journal features articles by our very own Susanne Siepl-Coates, current Visiting Regnier chair Javier Sanchez, past chair Beat Kämpfen, along with a cast of leading professionals from across the globe in the realm of socially equitable, fiscally responsible, and environmentally friendly design. You won't want to miss it!



Fourteenth international conference on diversity in organizations, communities and nations



2014 Call For Papers and Conference Themes

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, posters or colloquia are invited for the Fourteenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations being held at the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Austria from 9-11 July 2014. 

We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to the conference discourse.  We also encourage faculty and research students to submit joint proposals for paper presentations or colloquia. Proposals for conference presentations or journal articles are invited that address issues of diversity through one of the following categories:

Theme 1: Identity and Belonging
Theme 2: Education and Learning in a World of Differences
Theme 3: Organizational Diversity
Theme 4: Community Diversity and Governance

Presenters have the option to submit completed papers to the Diversity Collection of Journals . If you are unable to attend the conference in person, you may still join the community and submit your article for peer review and possible publication, upload an online presentation, as well as enjoy subscriber access to the journal collection.

The current deadline to submit a proposal (a title and short abstract) for the 2014 conference is 2 January 2014*

For more information on submitting your proposal and registering for the conference, please visit the "submit" link below or click here.

*Proposals are reviewed in rounds adhering to monthly deadlines. Check the website often to see the current review round.

The Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations

In 2014 the Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations will be held in Vienna, Austria at the Vienna University of Economics and Business home to the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations. This highly innovative research facility was sanctioned as a means to draw increased attention on factors of human diversity in traditional social structures, focusing on gender roles, ethnicity, class, religion, age, education, sexual orientation and alternative ways of life. Expertly addressing these top issues on the international academic and professional agenda, Vienna University of Economics and Business is a one-of-a-kind institution and amongst the most forward-thinking European organizations making it a landmark venue for our 2014 meeting.



Thanksgiving is here so please make a special note of the following time changes. The shop closed at 5:30pm on Friday, November 22 and will remain closed until Sunday, December 1 when it will reopen at 1:00pm.