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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



To the entire APDesign Community, 

Happy Holidays!

I suspect all of you have similar emotions to mine right now. Where did the FALL 2013 semester go? It all happened so fast! Well, the break will go fast as well and even more rapidly for those engaged in intersession. Knowing this I hope you will savor every minute spent with family and friends while reaching out to those less fortunate to have as much means or as many friends.

I will admit to being a sucker for Holiday movies and rarely end one with dry eyes as they always remind me of  family members and friends dear to me as well as reminding me of my own failings in generosity. So, I can't help but list some of my favorites and am open to debate my selections should you care to.

Not necessarily in order!

1. It's a Wonderful Life

2. Miracle on 34th Street

3. Love, Actually

4. Elf

5. Bad Santa (I know, I shouldn't like it but  I am not sure I have ever laughed harder in my life...the third time I saw it!)

6. Christmas Story

7. Scrooged

8. Trading Places

9. The Muppet Christmas

10. Amelie (Not a Holiday movie but my all time favorite feel good movie!)

11. And any other version of Dickens's A Christmas Carol is worth watching and comparing!

Regardless, I know that each of you will come back in early January reinvigorated in pursuit of our continuing academic excellence. I look forward to seeing all of you then, if not before, and wish you a safe, fun and restful break.

All the best,