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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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April 29, 2013

Message from the Department Head

Hopefully you were able to attend last Monday evening's  IAPD 391 Film Screening! I am looking forward to the DVD created of these short films as I was in Philadelphia at   LightFair giving a presentation about the work Neal Hubbell and I were involved in for the Nuckolls Lighting Fund 20th Anniversary Grant we received a couple of years ago. The exhibits at LightFair were incredible and I couldn't help but look at them through different eyes after being here in IAPD. In addition to the exhibits themselves, new lighting concepts and products created interactive displays with many focused on integrated experiences where lighting solutions react to users in artistic ways.

From there, I went to Kent State University's College of Architecture and Environmental Design to participate in a review of their various architecture and interior design undergraduate and graduate programs. It was an intense immersion and very worthwhile. As always, it was good to come back to Manhattan!

Today marks our final visit from Herman Miller as we have engaged almost all of you in exploring creative learning spaces for the 21st Century. Anthony Rotman and Andrea Nelson (IAPD Alum) will spend time with 2nd year reviewing the "Storganization" projects and with several 5th year students who have continued exploration of studio space. We are very thankful for our sponsored collaboration with Herman Miller and the opportunity it has presented to work across each of the years on issues related to the future!

The next three weeks will be intense for each of you, whether you are an IAPD faculty or student, and I encourage you to finish the semester strong! Next week the IAPD Student Council will focus on safety and we will publish the upcoming review schedules.

News and Events

Professors Katrina Lewis and Kendra Ordia have been attending the Well+Being: Exploring Design in the 21st Century Symposium this weekend at Florida International University. Katrina presented  "The Dialogue between Design, Peace, and Conflict Resolution," while Kendra presented "Austin|Madrid: A Case Study for Compact Green Family Living in American Cities."

Professor Vibha Jani returned late last week after presenting the paper “Introducing Interactive Devices to change the Perception of What Viewers Consider as Art in the Museum” at the Sixth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. While there,  I believe she had the opportunity to connect with our students who are studying abroad in Copenhagen.

Professor Kendra Ordia, along with colleagues from The University of Texas at Austin, learned last week that they have progressed to Round 2 for their "Curtains" submission to the Center for American Art and Design (top 20 out of 160 submissions). The next step is to detail out more items about installation for exhibition by the end of May and then those submissions will be reviewed for exhibition and the final round of reviews is for installation.

Current Projects

If you have not yet connected to our Social Media, you are missing out! The K-State IAPD Facebook page has many images of Open House and of Study Abroad. Connect now to:

Join us on Facebook at: K-State IAPD
Join us on Twitter at: @KState IAPD
Join our group on LinkedIn at Kansas State University - Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design (IAPD)

We would love to hear from alumni with updates we can include in our newsletter. Submit newsletter items to kstateiapd@k-state.edu


Interested in Public Interest design? Oz Journal is hosting Design Corps founder Bryan Bell to lecture in Towne Hall in the Leadership Building at 4 PM Today. For more information about Bryan Bell, check out his OZ-SOME site:www.bryanbell.org

Calling All Students!!! Women in Design is hosting a village style interdisciplinary portfolio review on Tuesday, April 30 from 7-9 pm. Bring a hard copy of your portfolio, and visit with fellow design students about their work. This is a free event, and it's the first year we have hosted it. Please contact Laura Kreikemeier at lkreik@k-state.edu with questions. Invite your friends!



With creative students, one never knows what will show up!
With IFI’s mission to raise awareness, heighten excellence, and expand the contribution of the Interior Architecture/Design profession, it has always been our vision to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design professionals internationally. Jump at the opportunity to join fellow students globally that currently at work on their design solutions to re-envision, re-invent and re-design future workspaces.

Cardboard Chair Competition

Participate in the Cardboard Chair Competition for a chance to win an Itsa chair!!! Your chair must be able to hold a person and weigh less than 15 lbs. View complete rules and regulations here. Photos of your submissions are due Monday, May 6th . Images will be posted on Facebook. The chair with the most "Likes" on the Kimball Office Facebook page wins!

Commerce Bank Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award nominations are being accepted for the 2013-2014 award. The award recognizes graduate faculty members who have made outstanding contributions in research and creative activity at Kansas State University. Nominations are due by Monday, May 13.

Vote on the People's Choice for Azure Magazine AZ Awards for Design Excellence here.

Interesting Articles and Websites

INTERVIEW: Freeman Thomas, Director of Strategic Design at Ford Motor Company


Inhabitat.com is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future

Open House T-Shirts

Still time to purchase one of the T-Shirts designed by 3rd year students for Open House! Just go to 3rd year studio and ask about them (only $13)!


5th Year

Please participate in the Exit Survey when you receive the link/email to do so, it will not take long and we really appreciate the wisdom and observations from your years in IAPD! The results help us improve, and are important for accreditation and assessment purposes.