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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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September 21, 2013

Message from the Department Head

Fifth year students recently completed their first project for their Furniture Design Workshop - a 3-Point Stool. The professors run this project as a competition and this year the winning projects (shown above from left to right) were created by Kate Moeder, Anthony Ngo, and Colton Vaughn. Kate Moeder and Colton Vaughn's stools tied for "Peoples' Choice" award as voted on by students. Anthony Ngo's stool was awarded the "Best Craftsmanship" award as voted by faculty.

News and Events

The Night of Wonder opened last night at the Beach Museum. More about this in our next newsletter, but if you have an opportunity to wander by the exterior of the Beach Museum tonight, take a look! This was the work of many in our Department and directed by Vibha Jani.


Upcoming Critiques

IAPD 435 Discovery Toy Project Final Critique occurs on Monday afternoon Sept. 23  from 1:30- 5:20.


Attention all IA students! The student council is looking to assemble a Field Trip Task Force. The objective of the Task Force is to help organize field trips, gauge students' interest in certain cities and firms, and help relay information from the students to the professors. The overall goal for the task force is to plan and execute impactful field trips that students can afford. This would be a wonderful outlet for those who are passionate about traveling, and eager to create a network with design professionals. We are looking for two representatives from each year. Meetings will begin mid-October. Those interested should contact their student council representatives:

2nd Year Reps: Nicole Baith, Whitney Lawson
3rd Year Reps: Jessica Griesmeyer, Diana Blom
4th Year Reps: Rachel Botten, Morgan Stafford
5th Year Reps: Matt Spaniol, Stephani Chaffin


Yesterday, Donna Fullmer took her 4th year studio students to Kansas City to participate in Design Wars: IIDA Mid America Chapter Student Award held at Encompas. We are happy to announce the winning team of four was composed of two of our students: Rachael Mayhill and Anthony Dorrell! The winning team was awarded a prize of $2,000!