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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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October 14, 2013

Message from the Department Head

A great week lies ahead beginning with Igor Siddiqui's visit to us today. He will participate in classes and give a presentation in the Pierce Commons at 4:30 today. The title of his presentation is "Not Everything." The image shown above is a detail from his Zigzag installation. Professor Siddiqui teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and you can learn more about him through this link.

This week promises to be another impactful and exciting one - with Igor Siddiqui's visit; Kayla Sorensen from HON (and 2012 IAPD graduate) will be here working with third year; fifth year mid-crits are on Wednesday and Friday morning; and the Field Trip Pecha Kucha is on Thursday beginning at 5:30. Food will be ready beginning at 5:30 so come, enjoy, and learn what our students experienced during their recent field trips.

Events surrounding Mock Interviews have been occurring, I hope you are ready to participate and gain the most possible from our visitors next week. Look for specifics of both "official" and "unofficial" activities surrounding Mock Interviews to maximize your opportunities!

Finally, if you did not receive last week's information-filled IAPD News, check your spam/junk mailbox - several students indicated that the new email system put it there last week as I had the return address/email as IAPD. Who knows? You may even find additional emails from the IAPD email address you didn't know you had!

News and Events

Join me in congratulating all of our students who have had their abstracts accepted to present posters at the K-State Graduate Student-sponsored "Research and the State." The event will be held on Tuesday, October 29 , 2013 in the K-State Student Union KS Ballroom.

Team 1
Hannah Polys
Elizabeth Stedterman

Team 2
Abigail Zohner
Abby Buchmann
Rutvik Date

Team 3
Teague Peak
Caitlin Molenaar

Team 4
Morgan Stafford
Rachael Mayhill
Botten, Rachel

Team 5
Sarah Swaim
Brian Davis
Anthony Dorrel

Team 6
James Howe
Kunyan Wei

Team 7
Nichole Finke
Katie Pruser



Hats Off to Denver

Remember to wear a hat tomorrow in memory of Denver Barr.

IAPD Student Council Updates

Third-year studio has a mid-crit Monday, Oct. 14, for our "Near Environment" Project. We have been working with Kayla Sorensen (IAPD Grad) from HON to design an individual workplace for an open office plan and she will be here for the event.

The IAPD Student Council is beginning a series of "Professor of the Month" highlights to help students know their professors a bit better. Check out the display board next to the IAPD office for the first "Professor of the Month"!



Professor Dustin Headley traveled back to Indiana last week to attend the Exhibition opening of Fearless Furnitureat the Indiana State Museum. His piece "Fluxus" was featured at the exhibit! Congratulations to Dustin, and learn more at the following links: 
Indianapolis Monthly and Indianapolis Monthly (2)
Indiana State Museum

Dates to Remember

Oct 14-15 Igor Siddiqui here for IAPD
Oct 14 3rd year mid-crits (afternoon)
Oct 14 Igor Siddiqui presentation Not Everything in Pierce Commons 4:30
Oct 14 Charles Marohn (LARCP) lecture in the Little Theatre at 4:00PM
Oct. 14 Walk-In Resume Critiques 11:30a.m. – 1pm at the top of the Pierce Commons
Oct 15 Hats Off to Denver
Oct. 15 Sign-Up Day 5th year students & committee members may choose one interview 11:30a.m. – 1p.m. (top of the Pierce Commons)
Oct. 16 Sign-Up Day - Sign-Up Day 4th year students may choose one interview and 5th year students may choose a second interview, 11:30a.m. – 1p.m. (top of the Pierce Commons)
Oct 17 Pecha Kucha presentations of Field Trips in the Pierce Commons 5:30-7:30PM (dinner provided)
Oct 17 IAPD Faculty Meeting in 202F 11:30-12:30
Oct 18 "The 4th Annual IAPD Great Pumpkin Carving Design Event" 2:00-5:00 Seaton Court Courtyard
Oct 20 Gensler Presentation and Pizza
Oct. 21 Mock Interview Day (K-State Alumni Center), business dress required
Oct 24 IAPD Faculty Meeting in 202F 11:30-12:30
Oct 25-26 MW IDEC Regional Conference (Chicago)
Oct 29 Research and the State (Union Ballroom)
Oct 31 IAPD Faculty Meeting in 202F 11:30-12:30
Nov 9 APDesign Research Symposium with Linda Sorrento, Executive Director of the National Academy of Environmental Design