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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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December 9, 2013

Message from the Department Head

As we enter the final two weeks of the semester, we offer these tips to finish strong:

Maximize Your Productivity!
Follow these tips to stay at your most productive:

Remove and Manage Distractions.
1. Identify the things that keep you from focusing;  including incoming emails, texts, instant messages, phone calls, random web searches, and other interruptions.

2. Create a checklist of your typical distractions, keep the list in front of you, review each time you sit at your desk, and take the necessary actions to prevent before they are a problem (close email, turn off phone, etc.).

3. Create work and break times and stick with the schedule. Set a timer for 1/2 hour or 1-hour periods of work and know that you will stop when the timer sounds. Take a timed break (10-15 minutes) and address any necessary issues during that time (return a text).

4. Create a signal so others respect your work time - this might be a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your workspace during your work time.  In addition, respect others' work times.

Get Some Sleep
You probably know the least amount of sleep you can get and still feel productive and know you are making good decisions. Make sure you get this sleep to be maximizing your productivity at the level you wish.

Eat Some Protein
Give your body the fuel it needs to keep you going! Eating health(ier) food will help keep your energy at its best.

Back Up
Back up your digital files on an external hard drive or other media and store it in a separate location from your computer. In this way, your files have a measure of protection should something happen to your computer. Enough of us have lived through computer crashes, tornadoes, theft, and other calamities to know the value of backing up data.

News and Events

Pizza in the Pierce Take time for a break and stop by tonight at 9:30 in Pierce Commons. Come enjoy pizza provided by K-State Libraries. Other student organizations will provide beverages, root beer floats, veggie and/or fruit trays and other goodies.

5th Year IAPD Students Thesis PK: an overview of their thesis topics on Tuesday, December 10 in the Pierce Commons from 6:30-8:30 PM - Food will be provided. Each student will have 6 slides at 30 seconds each slide, this will be an informative and enjoyable event and you are encouraged to attend! Most of the 5th year class is shown in the header image of this newsletter.

Current Projects

Biodiversity in the Flint Hills
Over the last 5 weeks, the third year class, led by Professor David Richter-O’Connell, has been working with Manhattan’s Flint Hills Discovery center to define “Biodiversity in the Flint Hills”. The research began with a general definition of biodiversity as the range of flora and fauna found living in an environment or ecosystem. They included different factors which affect the bio-diverse ecosystem and explored the topic from various standpoints. The result is an exhibit that includes multiple means conveying the information, including an interactive exhibit for children aged 7 to 12. Their exhibit will be on display Dec 14 in the Flint Hills Discovery Centers’ atrium from 10am-3pm.

Finals and Final Review Schedule: We invite you to join in the end of semester reviews (the full schedule is found here).


Alex Marschman's entry to the IIDA Sustainable Student Design competition is up on the website for voting - please see the website where you can vote for People's Choice Award.


Manhattan Rotary Club is seeking applications for the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship for the 2014-15 academic year. The scholarship is worth $30,000 and will fund one year of post-baccalaureate study. Applications are due no later than January 17th. Learn more here about requirements and ways to apply or go to http://www.manhattanrotary.org/.

Internship & Study Abroad News

Spring semester will find 15 of our 4th year students at a variety of international locations as they study abroad; while 8 are pursuing or have attained internships for the semester.

Involvement Opportunities

Safety Week:
This week is Safety Week and the IAPD Student Council would like to remind all of you to make healthy choices - especially in times of high stress (like the end of the semester). We  invite you to join us as we make some smart decisions this week at one (or all) of our events! The event schedule is as follows:

Monday - In order to practice physical health, strut your way out of studio with Matt Spaniol on a tour of campus! Meet outside of the McGraw Room at 9 pm for a quick walk - glow sticks provided to all in attendance.

Tuesday - Take a breather and relieve that stress! Be sure to attend the Pecha Kucha at 6:30 in Pierce Commons, dinner will be provided.

Wednesday - Just because you're stressed, doesn't mean you should eat poorly! Come to the McGraw Room at 9 pm for some healthy snacks.
Thursday - The week's winding down, and we know you're stressed. The crit room will be open all day for naps and relaxing - so bring a blanket and pillow!

Friday - Catch up with your friends and classmates after a long week in the Vis. Lab. for lunch from 12-1:30. Cookies will be provided!!

Additional Events

Monday Dec 9 – Pizza in the Pierce - 9:30pm Sponsored by Weigel Library
Tuesday Dec 10 – 5th year Thesis Presentation– Pierce Commons 6:30-8:30 (Food Provided)
Monday Dec 16 – Dec 20: Finals
Monday Dec 16: Material and Finishes Final Exam – 4:10-6:10
Monday Dec 16 – 4th and 5th year students mandatory clean-up of shop – 9am-3pm (1 hour min. each)
Tuesday Dec 17 – Furniture Projects due 9am; Photos at 10am
Wednesday Dec 18 – IAPD Shop locked for grading
Thursday Dec 19 – Faculty Meeting/Potluck 11:30-1:00
Mon Dec 23 – Final Grades Due
Mon Dec 23 – Jan 21 – Winter Break (Student)
Wed Jan 15 - IAPD Course Share Day (Faculty) 8-5
Thurs Jan 16 - IAPD Faculty Retreat 1-5