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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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January 21, 2014

Message from the Department Head

Welcome back! We have an impactful semester ahead of us, and you will see a few of the planned events shown in this newsletter. As usual, this semester will be full of challenges as well as rewards, and, as always, we want you to work hard, engage with activities, and stay healthy.

Prior to the beginning of the semester, your faculty was involved in two days of retreat activities, including our all-day Course Share, which occurs following each semester. Each professor presents the objectives and outcomes of each course (along with successes and challenges) so that collectively we understand the previous semester, can see opportunities for capitalizing on knowledge for the coming semester, and see areas for increased collaboration across course boundaries. This is an incredibly valuable day filled with excellent insight and discussion. 

The second day involved a 4-hour faculty meeting with a special focus on initiating discussion of where and how technology (in all its forms) is introduced to students throughout the curriculum. This includes introduction of hand and machine tools as well as software, prototyping and fabrication tools. We will continue to discuss and refine the ideas from this initial meeting - which provides a rich foundation. 

Recent research indicates particular activities associated with the brain when multiple modes of technology and other inputs are vying for attention by humans. This is often referred to as “Distraction.” While users imagine their multi-tasking abilities are keen, research indicates otherwise – and, in fact documents brain activity during the multi-tasking. We know that good time management is additionally related to distraction. For a synopsis of many current research articles, see the link. 

We expect that you are preparing to enter a profession, and as such should develop work habits that will transfer to your employment during internships and post-graduation.  During class times in IAPD, a specific benefit of the time a group of students and professor are together is the sharing of knowledge in multiple ways – formally and informally. Overhearing comments and conversation related to topics and projects is extremely valuable in education and the workplace. During these class times, your media use must be related to information pertaining to the class.

Faculty: Please be reminded to email Mary Cosimano (cosimano@k-state.edu) your syllabi for the spring courses by Friday, January 24th. Also, if you have not already sent her your syllabi for fall 2013, please include those as well.

Video Competition

Herman Miller has launched the 5th annual Student Video Competition, to learn more details click here.



K-state Launch: Is your idea or concept the Next Big Thing? Is so, check out K-State Launch! K-state Launch is a competition for new, independent student ventures in the concept state or seed stage. This new venture idea competition awards a total of $20,000. Both individuals and teams are encouraged to participate. Find more information here - our Product Design and Furniture Design projects are prime candidates to move forward!

On Wednesday, January 22nd, we will be hosting three team members from Steelcase for a Wellbeing@Workcharette for the 5th year students. The objective will be to practice connecting a customer’s wellbeing objectives to the design of a space to hopefully help the employee leave healthier than when they arrived. The charette will kick-off at 10am and final presentations occurring at 2:30pm, both in the Pierce Commons. Everyone is invited to participate in the opening and closing events.

News and Events

Chang Gallery will be home to the “Fellowship for Peace” exhibit from January 20 – February 7. The display, funded by the Rotary District 5710 Peace Fellowship Committee, features photographs and text highlighting the experiences of our District’s Rotary Peace Fellows. Those who participated are David Kozar (2009-2010), Summer Lewis (2011-2012), IAPD Professor Katrina Lewis (Summer 2012) and IAPD Professor Vibha Jani (Summer 2013). There will be an exhibition receptions on Tuesday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30 pm. All are highly encouraged to view the exhibit and also attend the reception.


Did you know? Katrina Lewis was the first designer to be selected as a Rotary Peace Fellow and Vibha Jani was the second. Not only from our region, but worldwide! The importance and reach of design toward peace and conflict resolution is a blossoming area of research.

Upcoming Events:

Monday Jan 20 – Friday Feb 7 – Fellowship for Peace Chang Gallery Exhibit
Wednesday Jan 22 – Wellbeing@Work charette – 10-3:30 – Pierce Commons
Wednesday Jan 22 – IAPD Meeting for Grad School Applications 5:30 pm – Seaton 63 (all 3rd year must attend)
Thursday Jan 23 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 11:30-1 pm – Seaton 202F
Friday Jan 24 – 5th year Village-style review: Generative Intent (Seaton 104 and 206) 9-12
Tuesday Jan 28 – Fellowship for Peace Exhibit Reception - 5:30-7:30 - Chang Gallery
Tuesday Jan 28 – K-State Launch Orientation 4:30 pm.; Town Hall Leadership Studies Building
Wednesday Jan 29 – Graduate School Applications due for 3rd year students
Thursday Jan 30 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 11:30-1 pm – Seaton 202F
Thursday Jan 30 – Departmental Information Meetings for 1st Year Students: 6:30 IAPD McGraw Room
Friday Jan 31-Saturday Feb 1 - "Actively Engaging the Brain" (registration and program)
Thursday Feb 7 – Graduation Application Materials due for 5th Year Students
Thursday Feb 20 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 11:30-1 pm – Seaton 202F
Sunday Feb 23 – midnight, K-State Launch Executive Summaries due