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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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March 10, 2014

Message from the Department Head

My message this week will be short, as we need all the room possible to include the awards and activities of our students and faculty! Look for a newsletter later this week with additional information. Have a good week! I was fortunate to attend the Annual IDEC Conference in New Orleans last week and, as incoming President, was honored to deliver an address at the Awards Banquet.


News and Events

Monsters of Design: 
Congratulations to Josef Lang for winning the BEST IN SHOWaward Saturday night at the Kansas City Design Week event. Monsters of Design is an annual design competition for young architects and designers in or around the Kansas City metro area; sponsored by the AIA Young Architects Forum of Kansas City. Lang submitted the design for the CR45 Chair and was awarded the highest honor possible for the project!


Counseling Association Presentation
Thank you to fifth year students Kayla Hales, Matt Spaniol, Teresa Siegele and Kate Moeder for representing IAPD so well during their presentation Wednesday, March 5th at the Kansas College Counseling Association. The students connected with Jim Correll, the business coach for entrepreneurship at Independence Community College, where they presented an overview of their final project and talked about their experiences in IAPD. For more information, read the press release here .

Annual IDEC Conference
The annual IDEC conference provides an interesting and diverse series of speakers and presentation topics from Classroom Flipping methodologies to Late 19th Century Beaux Arts State Capital Building Design!  It also provides a great venue for junior faculty members to interact with seasoned educators and graduate students to get a sense of trends and emerging teaching tools for inside and outside the classroom. This year, three faculty and one student presented their academic and creative scholarship.

Katlyn Nigus, a fourth year IAPD student currently on internship who had a paper presentation accepted (co-authored with Vibha Jani) noted that the experience of attending the IDEC Conference was a very rewarding one. “Even though I was extremely nervous I felt like I did well in my first presentation of my adult life, it was even more comforting seeing other professors present and see that they were just as nervous as I was. I was very honored to present and be in the company of others who were just as passionate about design as I was. The best part was watching Kendra, Dave and Neal present, I felt like a proud parent watching them and internally cheered them on while they presented…” she says. Nigus continues: “All in all it was a wonderful experience and I encourage more students to participate not only in the research aspect, but also in the student design competition that looks really interesting.”
Katlyn’s acceptance for presentation is a tribute to her development as a young professional and to the quality of Professor Jani’s Research Methods course. The acceptance of her research work for presentation was in direct competition with entries from seasoned faculty from all over the country.

Professors Dave Richter-O’Connell and Neal Hubbell also presented a paper at the conference and they note: “We gave a successful presentation of the IAPD 416 History of Furniture class- lectures, discussions, classroom tools and Transformation project and showed a significant sampling of student work.  Our presentation was very well received and we got many comments and compliments afterward about the new levels of thinking and design analysis we are getting from our fantastic IAPD students!!!” Hubbell and Richter-O’Connell also took advantage of the opportunity to experience the history of New Orleans with tours of the historic French Quarter and nearby antebellum plantation houses.

Assistant Professor Kendra Ordia (with co-creators Igor Siddiqui and Tamie Glass, both of the University of Texas at Austin) presented Mas Moss: A Living Curtain and the initial abstract as well as the presentation of their work was awarded with the 2014 IDEC Creative Scholarship Award for Best in Category Design as Idea Award. Congratulations!



K-State Launch
Congratulations to Zach Manuel and Grace Twedt on being accepted into the finals for K-State Launch 2014! Their product plan is for a children’s toy called the Tot Bot. This interactive toy can be used as a toy during the day and night light while sleeping. For more information, ask Zach or Grace.  They present their product at the finals on Tuesday, March 11, in the K-State Alumni Center. The second round of the finals for those teams that advance past the first round is open to the public and will begin at 2:30 p.m.

Award for KCDC Project
Congratulations to Kansas City Design Center (KCDC) Director Vladimir Krstic who received an “Honor Award” for the 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for the Central States. The project titled “Reintegrating: Independence Avenue Urban Vision Study” was developed by the interdisciplinary studio at KCDC (including five IAPD students) over the course of last year. The students involved were IAPD Graduates Chloe Lewis, Carissa Loehr and Andrew Yarnell as well as current 5th year students Amanda Baker and Kayla Hales. Professor Krstic noted that these five students made a critical contribution to the success of the project.

Kansas City Auto Show
Professor Allan Hastings taught a cohort of students from a variety of disciplines and years in a Transportation Design elective class during Fall 2013, where students worked in teams to design the concept for a new automobile and sculpted it from special clay. Their process and final projects were on display last week for the Kansas City Auto Show to the delight and interest of throngs of people. The image in the header above illustrates the excitement generated by the hands-on exhibit by Hastings and the students. 


Involvement Opportunities

Don't forget to clear your calendar on April 3rd for interviews regarding the new building programming.

Financial Stability
Attention Graduate students. Powercat Financial Counseling wants to help you increase your financial literacy with three informative workshops during the months of March and April. Prizes will be given out at each event. Click here for more information!

March 11 – Tulu Toros Colloquia – Seaton 104 – 12pm
March 12 – 5th year Commencement Informational Meeting Seaton-  063
March 13 – Student Council “Break Before Break” – McGraw Room 8pm
March 15-23 – Spring Break
March 27 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 202F 11:30-1
March 27-28 – 5th Year Design Development Village Style Review
April 2 – Sally Augustin, Environmental Psychologist 4:00 PM in the Little Theatre
April 3 – Interviews regarding new building programming
April 5 – Open House
April 7 – 10 - 3 DesignExpo in the K-State Alumni Center Ballroom
May 17 – APDesign Commencement

Open House
Do you like coffee? Do you like free coffee? You can win a gift card to Caribou Coffee by bringing in the most projects to be used for open house. Please drop them off ever Wednesday from 1-1:30pm in Seaton 206. Third year students will be in Seaton 206 collecting projects each week.

Student Council
IAPD Student Council will be hosting a “Break Before Break” social this week and you are invited! They will be supplying snacks Thursday the 13th at 8pm in the McGraw Room for you to enjoy and take a quick break and socialize with fellow IAPD students.

3rd Year Update
The third year class is making leaps and bounds toward completion on each project they are pursuing. During their studio class, they are learning about the Volumetric Development stage and are forming spaces to be manipulated and used in the design of restaurant/retail spaces. The workshop class has begun envisioning ideas for their final projects which include night stands, wine holders and guitars (among others). Want to know more? Grab a third year IAPD student and ask them to show you their progress.

Second-, fourth-, and fifth-year students – what are you up to? Let us know by emailing updates to cosimano@ksu.edu

Security Alert
Please be advised that custodial services lost a master building key and if found please bring it to the Dean's Office. In the meantime lock up and secure all materials as this is a serious security issue as we do not wish for anyone's personal belongings, work or data to be stolen or damaged. The police have been notified and all of the security cameras are in working order. Please report any suspicious activity to the police, 532-6412.