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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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March 24, 2014

Message from the Department Head

Welcome back! As we go forward into the coming weeks, we have many exciting activities and events to be involved in. You will see some of those activities listed in this IAPD News, and I encourage you to enrich your experiences as the semester draws to a close with participation in as many as practical. This week, we have news from Abby Zohner and her internship, as well as study abroad with the image in the header provided by Professor Vibha Jani as she viewed Venice from the Guggenheim.

Enrollment for Summer and Fall courses begins and we have listed some of the offerings and electives in this newsletter. Each of the elective courses is designed to appeal to varying interests and these are wonderful opportunities to be included with students from 2nd to 5th year and with other disciplines. If you have questions about any of them, please don't hesitate to ask the professor listed.

As a precursor to next week, please be aware of the following upcoming activities:
Sally Augustin will be our guest on Wednesday, April 2 and will participate in classes as well as give a talk in the Forum Hall at 4:00. Third year students will appreciate your assistance as they prepare for the April 5th open house. They are still accepting projects on Wednesdays in Seaton 206. DesignExpo immediately follows and we have at least 50 firms confirmed for this event.

News and Events

Associate Professor Ryadi Adityavarman has been named to the paper review committee for the 2014 Design Communication Association Conference.

Employment Updates
The employment page on our website is constantly being updated with new Internship and Job opportunities.

Head Shots
5th year students: we have arranged two times for you to sign up to have a professional “head shot” taken. This will be a photo suitable for your resume, LinkedIn profile, business card, and the like. See Mary for the sign-up sheets for Thursday, March 27 12:30-1:50 and Friday, March 28 1:00-2:15.

New Chair Options
We are investigating new chair options for Seaton 202F (and other) spaces. Examples of those under consideration are in the Seaton 202F (unlocked daily for your use) – please try them out and give your opinion!

Courses for Summer
We will once again offer the IAPD 802/803 Workshop IIand IAPD 813/814 Furniture Design Workshop this summer during the 8-week Summer Session with Professor Steve Davidson. A limited number of slots are available. (IAPD students going into 4th and 5th year only.)

Innovation Bootcamp (IAPD 406), a truly interdisciplinary course will be offered during the first Intersession for 3 credits. Last year, during the first offering, we worked together with Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Manufacturing & Systems Engineering to work with a sponsor on a rechargeable bike system. This is a fantastic experience, IAPD Professor Dave Richter-O’Connell teaches this course alongside professors from the other represented disciplines.

Freehand Drawing Skills (IAPD 406) will be once again be offered during the final Intersession of Summer with Professor Ryadi Adityavarman. This course is open to other majors as well.

Elective Courses for Fall 2014
A variety of elective courses will be offered in IAPD this Fall and open to others as well, so spread the word!

IAPD 406/830: Digital Furniture taught by Professor Dave Brown. Click here for more information.

IAPD 406: Digital Hybrid taught by Professor Kendra Ordia, this course explores contemporary techniques and tools for digital representation joining traditional hand drawing with mixed media and digital techniques.

IAPD 406: Museum Exhibit Design taught by Professor Steve Davidson, students in this course will experience working directly with a variety of museums (including the Kansas Museum of History) in the development of exhibits with heightened user experience as a primary determinant in design.

IAPD 406/830: Transportation Design taught by Professor Allan Hastings, will explore near space environments including ergonomics, functionality, and safety; and, integration between exterior and interior forms. Students will explore concepts in sketch form as well as models and sculptured elements.


Submit for presentation at the IDSA Education Symposium by April 11:
Involvement Opportunity 

Opportunity to publish your portfolio
Co-authors of a new book titled Portfolio Design for Interiors© which is being published by Fairchild Books, a distinguished publisher of design disciplines, have contacted us to recommend a few recent and exceptional undergraduate and/or graduate student portfolios from our program. The emphasis of the book will be on outstanding creative and comprehensive approaches to portfolio design for interiors created for print, web design, and CD-Rom/DVD presentations. If you wish your portfolio to be considered for submission from IAPD submit a pdf of your portfolio to iapd@ksu.edu by May 1, 2014.
Internship News
Abigail Zohner; Intern at Corgan in Dallas, TX
Having an internship so far has been an awesome experience. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and I know that I have more to learn still in the next five months. It's helped a lot too to get a chance to work in the 'adult world' and still know that I can come back to my K-State family for another year before graduating. Corgan has been amazing, the people and personality are a huge part of the firm and it shows every day. My corporate interiors team took me in right away and made me feel at home. Besides helping with a huge assortment of projects, I have been able to take part in team building, lead some of our monthly team meetings and get involved with events in and out of the office. I've been assigned to do different tasks from design work, construction documents, field verification, meeting reps and clients. We work quickly and efficiently but there's still time for fun at the office. I can definitely say that Corgan has become a home away from home for me this semester.


March 26 –
 Dr. Peter Magyar Lecture – Little Theater – 4:00 pm
March 27 – 5th Year Head Shots – Photo Studio - 12:30-1:50 pm
March 27 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 202F 11:30-1 pm
March 28 – 5th Year Head Shots – Photo Studio – 1:00-2:15 pm
March 27-28 – 5th Year Design Development Village Style Review – S 202F and S206
April 2 – Sally Augustin, Environmental Psychologist 4:00 PM in the Forum Hall
April 3 – Interviews regarding new building programming – Alumni Assoc. Banquet Room – 10-5 pm
April 4 – Instrument Workshop
April 5 – Open House
April 7 – 10 - 3 DesignExpo in the K-State Alumni Center Ballroom
April 17 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 202F 11:30-1
May 13 – 5th Year Cookout – Tuttle Creek State Park Shelter #4
May 17 – APDesign Commencement