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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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April 9, 2014

Message from the Department Head

Several events in the past few days are noteworthy, the 5th year Furniture Show, the Open House, and DesignExpo. Each event was highly successful due in large part to the excellent planning and preparation on the part of students, faculty, and staff! 

News and Events
The Instrument Workshop with William Close on Friday was a success as he encouraged the participants to first think of architecture and the spaces within as they contribute to a melody of experience. The Workshop hosted nearly 20 participants, including faculty and students, from fields of art, music, architecture, IAPD, horticulture, and architectural engineering. Professor Steve Davidson worked with William Close to assist the workshop participants in the realization of their instrument designs.

Courses for Summer
We will once again offer the IAPD 802/803 Workshop II and IAPD 813/814 Furniture Design Workshop this summer during the 8-week Summer Session with Professor Steve Davidson. A limited number of slots are available. (IAPD students going into 4th and 5th year only.)

Innovation Bootcamp (IAPD 406), an interdisciplinary course, will be offered during the first Intersession for 3 credits. The course is open to all levels in each of the programs in APDesign. We will again work together with Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Manufacturing & Systems Engineering in this problem-based fantastic experience. IAPD Professor Dave Richter-O’Connell teaches this course alongside professors from the other represented disciplines.

Freehand Drawing Skills (IAPD 406) will be offered during the final Intersession of Summer with Professor Ryadi Adityavarman. This course is open to all majors who wish to increase their abilities in sketching and design freehand drawing.

News from Orvieto
Vibha Jani reports: We have been working with local artisans here in Orvieto to develop various workshops to offer to our students.  We have developed relationships with local artists to offer three workshops: sculpture, leather and ceramics. The sculpture workshops were offered in first week of April.

The first sculpture workshop offered was “Art of Molding Clay” by Mr. Michele Golia, a local sculptor. Mr. Golia attributes his interest in and passion for sculpture to his grandfather Umberto Tiberi, who was a well known ceramics artist and potter of his time. Mr. Golia thus learned the technique of molding clay from his grandfather who taught him that curiosity and patience are both needed to become an artist.  Mr. Golia divided his workshop session in two segments: a two hour walking tour of Orvieto discussing the history of pottery and sculptures in Umbria and especially Orvieto. In next segment he demonstrated the technique of molding clay in to a 3D sculpture and worked with students so that they can materialize their dreams in to sculptures of their own. 

Visit to Villa D'Este and Tivoli Gardens


April 10 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 202F - 11:30-1
April 17 – IAPD Faculty Meeting – 202F - 11:30-1
May 2 -APDesign Ice Cream Social - Pierce Commons - 3:30-5pm
May 7  - ENVD Review - 202F - 8am-12pm
May 8 - 5th year Final Review - Seaton 104 - 9:30am-6:30pm
May 9 - ENVD Review - 202F - 8am-12pm
May 9 - 5th year Final Review - Seaton 104 - 8am-5pm
May 13 – 5th Year Cookout – Tuttle Creek State Park Shelter #4 – 4pm-8pm
May 15 - IAPD Faculty Meeting - 202F - 11:30-1
May 17 – APDesign Commencement