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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



June 30, 2014

IAPD on Houzz! 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Houzz and our participation in the Houzz Affiliation Badge Program. Houzz has become the leading online platform for home remodeling and design. With more than 20 million homeowners using Houzz everyday, we know that using Houzz can help you build your brand and grow your business. The Badge Program will let you showcase your Kansas State affiliation right on your profile and on your website if you are using  Site Designer.

Please follow us on Houzz andadd our badge to enhance your professional credentials by letting clients and prospects know you are a proud graduate of Kansas State.
Writing & Designing NSF Proposals Workshop
There will be a one-day comprehensive workshop gearing towards those who wish to submit winning research proposals to the National Science Foundation on July 24th in Lawrence. Click here for more information and register. 

IAPD 406

Fall 2014, IAPD will offer a course titled "Digital Hybrid Drawing Techniques" taught by Professor Kendra Ordia. Marrying hand sketches and digital work, this class will hone your skills in both areas. Here is more information! 

IDSA Seminar Offerings 

IDSA is offering a monthly seminar covering the concept of "Good Design = Good Business". Beginning July 29th, there will be a seminar each month until November. IAPD will set up space for these during the school year for those interested, but we also encourage you to participate in the July one.  Click Here for more information and how to register! 

IAPD Student work - Finalists in Competition - Correction

The International Woodworking Fair Results were incorrect in Monday's newsletter - our apologies to the Finalists!

Congratulations to the following individuals! Their furniture that was accepted as finalists in the International Woodworking Fair being held in Atlanta, Georgia. We had a total of ten students accepted for eleven pieces, with a total of only forty finalists in total. The competition will take place from August 20-23. We will show additional photos in future newsletters.

  • Laura Stockdell- Carved Side Table
  • Colton Vaughn - 7 Stool
  • Richard Thompson - Tiki Lounge Chair
  • Richard Thompson - Helix Spring Stool
  • Evan Gray - Sling Back Chair
  • Anthony Ngo - Angles Table
  • Melissa Still - Retro Slipper Chair
  • Teresa Siegele - Gwyn Chair
  • Kate Moeder- Soren Table
  • Adam Gonzalez - Tattooed Slat Chair



Anthony Ngo - Angels Table



Laura Stockdell - Carved Side Table 

Updates from Vibha

Vibha is continuing her European travels in Spain now! Yesterday, she conducted a workshop at the Art Center in Tortosa, where she talked about her work as an architect, educator and artist while focusing her discussion "Architecture for Peace." Afterwards, she and the art director worked together with art students of various ages to encourage them to develop an art peace based on a reading Architecture of Memories by a famous Spanish Writer. Each student was tasked with preparing a painting of a city based on the reading. Her adventure continues in the Tortosa Library where she will give a lecture titled "Architecture for Peace: How to Heal the Wounded Warriors".  

Faculty Honors

Congratulations to Professor Ryadi Adityavarman who has been awarded the Big 12 Fellowship award for 2014-2015.