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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



July 15, 2014

This week in IAPD

A note from the Department Head

Greetings and I hope your Summer is going well, wherever this finds you. In this newsletter, you'll find an invitation to participate in an event aimed at the celebration of our 50th Anniversary as a department. Our actual celebration is set to occur over Open House weekend this coming Spring (April 10-12, 2015) so mark your calendars for this and follow the information to be included in designing a logo for it.

Summer activities around Seaton are progressing well and we are actively preparing our spaces and activities for an exceptional year ahead.

Are you preparing yourselves for the coming year? Here is a recommended reading for you: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. Lest you think this is merely about personal habits, as you read it, think about your "design habits" - what are your preconceptions that hold you back from a truly innovative approach or solution? A colleague teaching at another school in the U.S. is assigning this book to her students for a class dealing with design for the homeless population - to challenge their thinking on every aspect of what most of us take for granted.

Tickle your creative juices by viewing the IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) winners found at http://www.idsa.org/idea-2014-gallery

Until next time,



IAPD 50th Celebration Competition!

We are preparing for our 50th Anniversary celebration and are hoping to bring student, friends and alumni together in a friendly competition! 


Work in teams to design the brand mark for our 50th Anniversary celebration. This design will be used for all marketing efforts of the celebration. 


Current students, alumni and friends of IAPD.

The Process

Send and email indicating your interest to iapd@ksu.edu. Alumni, be sure to include the year you graduated. Students, indicate your preferred city for your future internship or employment, we will try to accommodate with an alumni there.

You may request a pairing, or we will team up alumni with present students to work together

Judging will occur by a high qualified team of individuals and the winners will be awarded a cash prize! 


Interest due by July 24th (email iapd@ksu.edu)

Entries Due

5:00PM, September 1, 2014. 

More details to follow! 


IDSA Seminar Offerings
IDSA is offering a monthly seminar covering the concept of "Good Design = Good Business". Beginning July 29th, there will be a seminar each month until November. IAPD will set up space for these during the school year for those interested, but we also encourage you to participate in the July one.  Click Here for more information and how to register! 
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Competition

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced a competition to create aCommunity Resilience Center of Excellence dedicated to collaborative, interdisciplinary research aimed at developing tools and standardized methods that will enhance the ability of localities to reduce the impact of disasters and to speed recovery in their aftermath. To learn more about this opportunity, click here!