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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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July 21, 2014

This week in IAPD
K-State will be gradually switching their online system from KSOL to Canvas. You should have received an invitation through email to join Canvas, please do so ASAP - if you haven't received this email, please let us know by emailing iapd@ksu.edu. (The e-mail came from notifications@instructure.com). 
For Canvas to run appropriately, your computer must be formatted in Windows 8.1. If your computer needs an upgrade, we suggest to do so before arriving in the fall. 
If you have questions, please email iapd@ksu.edu or Dereatha Cross at dac4303@ksu.edu. 
Last Call! - IAPD 50th Celebration Competition!

Reminder we are preparing for our 50th Anniversary celebration and are hoping to bring student, friends and alumni together in a friendly competition! 

If you are interested in participating in a team (alumni or current student), send an email to iapd@ksu.edu by July 24th. 

Alumni: Include the year you graduated, where you work and if there is a student with whom you would like to work.

Students: Include your school year, firm or location of internship/job interest and if there is an alumni with whom you would like to work. 

Click here for details


15th Annual Kansas Youth Leadership Forum 

The 2015 Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council is looking for presenters for their 2014 forum taking place November 21-23. The deadline for topics of presentation is July 25th. Click here for more information! 
ACADIA: Workshops, Papers, & More 
ACADIA has a number of opportunities for workshops and research acceptance. Here is a link with descriptions and more information. 
Architect Focuses on Well Being of Patients
Famed architect Michael Graves had a life altering change occur at the peak of his career. Click here to read how is using this disability as an advantage to better the lives of others.