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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


August 20, 2014

Note from the Department Head
We look forward to your return! You will not be able to move into studios until Monday - please don't place items in any of the studios as we are doing last minute cleaning and would hate to dispose of something we shouldn't. There should be nothing in the computer cabinets - we noticed a couple of them with padlocks on them. Since we will still need to clean and move furniture in the studios, we will need to remove any padlocks and items from those cabinets (if this applies to you, remove the padlock and interior contents today). 
Come to the All-IAPD Department Meeting in the Pierce Commons Monday at 1:00-1:45, and don't forget about the All-College meeting at 3:30 in Forum Hall.

JaynaNew Academic Advisor 

Welcome to the newest member of the IAPD family, Jayna Elsasser, our Academic Advisor. Stop by and introduce yourself to her on your way into studio. 

Need an appointment or to contact her? 
Email: jayna@k-state.edu
Phone: 532-5984

NeoCon Call for Presentations
Do you have professional insight and knowledge with Commercial and Residential Interior Design, Architecture and Facility Management? If so, NeoCon is accepting applications for their 2015 conference. Click here for more information and how to apply. 

All Department Cook out!
Welcome back to campus everyone! To celebrate and kick off a good school year, we will host a cookout for all the IAPD students on Tuesday, September 2nd from 5:30-7:30 at the Parks and Recreation shelter on Poyntz Ave (see map below). IAPD will provide the meat and soda, please bring a dish to share! 

IIDA Design Wars
The Second Annual IIDA Design Wars will take place in Kansas City on Friday, October 17th and we want you to participate! The event challenges student teams to come up with a creative design for an existing interior space in downtown Kansas City in only 2.5 hours! The winning team will receive $2,000. Interested? Click here for information or talk to Donna Fullmer.