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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


September 24, 2014

IIDA Leaders Elected
In recent elections for the IIDA (the International Interior Design Association) student chapter, Kendra Lemon will serve as president, Laura Pinilla will serve as president-elect; and, Marina Dennis will serve as Communications Manager/Media person. Please congratulate these students, who are each from the second year IAPD studio! This sets a high standard of a willingness to serve and encouraging that second year has set this bar!

Graduate Student Opportunities 

There are a number of opportunities for graduate students. Please review this document and let one of your faculty members know if you are interested in participating! 

Class Updates

Each class is busy with reviews and progress on projects. From IAPD Student Council Class Representatives, here is a synopsis of current activities:

2nd Year Class

Visual Communications: first project was to take a given set of headphones and to put together a presentation to best describe the parts and how they function. We were to practice our skills with colored pencils, markers, and pastels. This  assignment also tested our skills of putting together a layout and to practice basic drawing skills.

Dustin's second year studio is working on designing residences for visiting professors from different departments we were all assigned. Each of us has interviewed someone from the department to learn more about what their daily job and research entails. This week we are working on our final project drawing and models and will be having reviews on Friday. Each of our designs are all completely different and exciting! Reviews are Friday 9/26. 

Ryadi's studio students have begun their semester-long loft design process. Each student has chosen a Modernist painting and is analyzing it into a 3-D Parti. That Parti will become the basis and inspiration of their loft design. 

4th Year Class

The fourth year class is busy finalizing designs for their first project (a pet friendly office), completing Workshop II Mid-critiques last week and also turning in abstracts for their design research projects to be submitted for multiple academic opportunities. 

5th Year Class

The fifth year class is working hard in the workshop for their furniture design class with Mid-critiques occurring this Thursday and Friday. 

Vibha's studio class is busy as well, touring different centers who work with the Wounded Warrior projects (including Fort Riley's hospitals). 

Ryadi's studio class is working hard on their Japanese/Zen-inspired Wellness Centers and are currently in the research/conceptual inspiration phase. 

Wine and Cheese Update

4th and 5th years...mark November 14th on your calendar for Wine and Cheese! The 4th year class is busy working on the plans for a great evening. 

Erin Heiden and a number of students helped clean up the stadium after the K-State - Auburn game this last Thursday as a fundraiser. Erin wants to thank everyone who came to participate! 

Student Exhibit

The second year class from Fall 2013 have their studio projects on display in the Kemper art gallery in the Student Union. The students created loft design proposals of living and working spaces based on their creative interpretation from a series of Modernist abstract paintings. 

Make sure to check out the display and join them for the closing reception which is held on Family Day - Saturday September 27th.  

Contract Magazine Competition

Enter your best IAPD work into the Student Category of Contract Magazine's 36th annual Interior Awards! 

One winner will be selected, and no honorable mentions. The one winning student project will be published in Contract, and the student is honored in front of 600 people at our Interiors Awards along with all of the professional winners in New York in January. 

Entries can be any student project completed in 2013 or 2014. Deadline is Friday, September 26th. Learn more about the competition and submit your entries here

IIDA Competition

IIDA in cooperation with EDmarket have created EDspaces Innovation Awards to recognize manufactures and designers for excellence in product design for the learning environment. For more information and how to apply, click here.