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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


3rd Year IAPD Students Model Results of IAPD 410 Digital Applications Assignment

October 22, 2014

Note from the Department 

High fashion seems to be permeating IAPD recently - first with Color + Couture, and most recently at the Fashion Show in the packed Pierce Commons by students in Dustin Headley's Digital Applications course. Each team of two students designed and fabricated the work shown above through a combination of digital and manual means. Using a combination of laser cutting, 3D printing, hand cutting, bending, forming, sewing and an array of other methods, the fashions were imaginative and showed mastery of understanding the techniques to create (in some instances movable) innovative wearable objects.

Our hosting of the IDEC Midwest Conference was very successful thanks to all of you who participated in one way or another to issue a warm welcome to our guests. Mary was responsible for an amazingly organized event, Donna made sure the interactive demonstrations were set, faculty offered tours and demonstrations, students interacted and led participants to locations and welcomed them into studios. I could not possibly name everyone who made this event memorable and informative to those conference participants - time and again I heard comments admiring the integrated nature of design process + making in our curriculum (perhaps in our DNA)! Please know how proud it makes me to see the cohesiveness and generosity of everyone in IAPD and how I thank you for this.

Jordan Mozer provided excellent groundwork for our conference - he was our Keynote Speaker as well as an APDesign Distinguished Lecturer. The time he spent in each of our IAPD studios speaking with individuals and groups of students, and the charrette for all of our years brought experience and emotion in design to the forefront of our minds. Ryadi hosted Jordan's visit and issued the original invitation - what a superb choice!

We have more coming up this week to involve and excite you! The design team will be here Thursday and Friday - look for a "Lucy Booth" on Thursday late morning in the Pierce where you can see the current designs and ask the design team any questions. Our IAPD Advisory Board is here for meetings Thursday evening and Friday - on Friday afternoon from 4-5:30 they will make presentations and host a roundtable for you to ask any questions you might have about the profession, internships, projects, life after graduation, particular cities.......we will have treats and this will be in the Pierce Commons.

Don't miss the APDesign Tailgate on Saturday morning prior to the game - the Tailgate begins at 8 AM and you will be able to meet alumni and enjoy pre-game festivities.

Faculty Awards

Congratulations to Ryadi Adityavarman for being invited to be a Keynote Speaker for the 2nd Vernacular Revisited Symposium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this coming March. Along with that news, he was recently accepted to present his research Validity and Authority of Tradition in the Search of Indonesian Architectural  Identity at the Biannual International Association for the Study of the Traditional Environments at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming December. 

Student Updates

The second year class participated in a pumpkin carving project this past week. Students worked with representatives from the Zoo to sketch and carve the pumpkins with a special animal. These pumpkins will be displayed at the Sunset Zoo. Beyond that project, they are working on their final project...housing of the future. 

The fourth year students are busy working on their workshop projects and also their Steelcase design competition entries. Representatives from Gensler came in from their Dallas office and worked with students last week to help elevate their projects. 

Weigel Library Tidbits - Fines and Check Outs

Please remember you are responsible for the materials you borrow from Weigel Library. Pay close attention to loan periods, due dates and return policies. 

Your due date will be verbally communicated and notices will be sent out with reminders as well. Please keep your email and home addresses updated. 

Click Here for a list of loan periods and their fines associated. If you have more questions, please contact Maxine in the Weigel Library or at mlganske@ksu.edu. 

Research and the State

Join the graduate school as the annual 'Research and the State: graduate student poster session' takes place next Tuesday, October 28th in the Student Union's ballroom. For information about the event and who is presenting, click here