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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



February 16, 2015

Department Head Notes


We have many important activities coming up in the near future for IAPD and students within APDesign in general. First is our NASAD accreditation visit, occurring March 1-4. The accreditation process for NASAD occurs once every 10 years, and your assistance is most appreciated to make sure that our display of work accurately reflects the quality of our students and faculty. 

The IIDA Portfolios + Professionals event occurs in Kansas City on Friday, February 20 - if you are attending, know that we hope you gain not only advice about your portfolio, but also additional connections to Kansas City professionals. The design world is a small one, and networking is quite valuable.

Preparations for Open House as well as our 50th Anniversary Celebration continue, the header this week shows students who participated in the short charrette to design centerpieces for the celebration - students from 2nd, 3rd, and 5th years are all pictured here. Invitations for the 50th are at the printers and going out shortly.

DesignExpo is sure to be successful again this year as more than 50 firms come to meet you, conduct interviews, and in general support our students. Many preparation events occur in the weeks prior to DesignExpo, in fact a portfolio workshop occurs this evening.

Studios are off to an incredible beginning this semester, with the 5th year advanced studios preparing for the Schematic Design review February 26 and 27. As studio updates come in from the student council representatives, we will continue to report them here.

Have a great week,

IDSA Student Chapter Meeting

IDSA Student Chapter informational meeting tomorrow evening - Tuesday Feb 17 at 6:30 in the McGraw Room (Seaton 207) to talk about:

    Signing Up 


Midwest Conference
Student Council Charrette

Last Thursday the IAPD Student Council held a design charrette to create the centerpieces that will be used at the 50th Anniversary Celebration. The 30 students created six teams made up of students from all years. They created innovative ideas and each of the teams worked very hard and efficiently (and enjoyably!). 

Final designs and budgets are due today at 5pm. 

Faculty Acceptance 

Congratulations to Kendra Ordia whose abstract "Natural to Synthetic: Biophilic Pattern Language Formalization Prototype" has been accepted into the FIU Interior Design Emerging Symposium on Blurred Lines. She will be presenting in Miami Beach, FL in April.

Nominate a Student for a K-State Alumni Association Award 

The K-State Alumni Association is accepting nominations for a number of awards. 

* The Anderson Senior Awards recognize one senior in each of the following categories: leadership, service, academics and inspiration. Four awards are given.

* The Graduate Student Awards recognize one graduate student in two categories: academics, and leadership and service. Two awards are given.

* The Multicultural Leadership and Service Awards honor four graduating multicultural students for their leadership during their college careers at K-State. Four awards are given.

* The Tony Jurich Community Commitment and Leadership Student Awards recognize one graduate student and one undergraduate student who demonstrate a commitment to community leadership and service through Jurich's Core Leadership Tenets. Two awards are given.

* New this year, the International Leadership and Service Awards honor four graduating international students who have shown outstanding leadership and who have actively promoted international engagement on K-State's campus. Four awards are given.

For details on each award, please visit the  Alumni Association website.

Faculty Announcement 

Faculty: It's that time again...textbook adoptions!!! Textbook Adoptions are due to the bookstore by March 15th. Please make sure you do this ASAP! You can submit through one of the two below options:
  • Online           
    • Complete the online adoption form.
    • Returning users - sign in using password previously created and follow the instructions to adopt course materials.
    • New users - Register for a new account, sign in, and follow instructions.
      • The temporary password is 1336 
  • Email
Include author, title, edition, and ISBN to ensure correct edition is ordered.

IAPD Events

16 - Design Expo Prep: Resume Critique - 5:30-7:30 - Pierce Commons
19 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30 - 12:20 - S 202F
20 - Portfolios and Professionals - 1-5 pm - Kansas City
26 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30 - 12:20 - S 202F