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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



March 23, 2015

Department Head Notes

Welcome back from Spring Break! The time between spring break and finals week always goes quickly, so I encourage you to make the most of every moment. Read the next line very carefully please: Back up your digital work on an external disc or drive. As a rule, back up as often as you are willing to lose - for instance, if you have an extra week to reconstruct work, then back up every week.....

We have much occurring over the next few weeks. This week we have guests visiting to engage students in the Production Furniture for the Contract Market mid-term review. Those guests include Brian Graham, a prolific designer from San Francisco (http://www.grahamdesignsf.com/); Amie Keener, Gensler-Dallas; Doug Shapiro, OFS Brands; Adam Stover, Populous-Kansas City; and, Erin Hurd, Populous-Kansas City. In addition to the reviews, Brian and Amie have generously offered to give a presentation about the NCIDQ and other professional exams, and Brian will give a presentation of his work as well. These both occur on Thursday afternoon. Look for more opportunities to be involved with our guests as well.

Also on Thursday, following Brian Graham's presentation, please join us as we meet and greet first year students (7 PM).  More...

1st Year Meet and Greet

This Thursday, March 26th at 7pm, following the lecture from Brian Graham, there will be a Meet and Greet with all IAPD students and the incoming 1st year students. IAPD faculty and staff are also welcome to attend. Everyone is highly encouraged to come and meet our outstanding new class for next year. 

IDEC Presentation Winner

Congratulations to Professor Ryadi Adityavarman whose poster Teaching Freehand Analytical Drawing: Strategy and Pedagogy based on Polanyian Philosophy of Knowledge for Millennia Design Students was awarded the 2015 IDEC Award of Excellence - Best Poster Presentation. 

IAPD 391 Film Screening

The IAPD 391 Film Screening of Short Films on Design will take place on this Wednesday, March 25th at 5:30pm in Pierce Commons. This annual event is highly anticipated! You will be entertained, educated, and enthused by the short films covering many topics. (Snacks will be provided.

Short Film

Setting up a Timed PDF Presentation 

Thank you Abby Zohner for the following instructions, which enable you to have a timed presentation formatted as a PDF. Follow the instructions below to set up and add to a PDF:

  1. Set up the action 
    • Open File >> View >> Action Wizard >> Create New Action >> Document Processing >> Page Transitions >> 'add to right hand pane' >> Specific Setting >> Auto Flip (and set to however many seconds) >> 'okay' >> save (they want you to name the action) >> save the document and close
    • This action will save to your Adobe program and you can assign it to other files later on  
To see how you add it to a file/view all instruction, click here. 

Internship and Job Posting

Remember there are always new job postings available on theIAPD webpage. Postings are listed in the "Employment and Opportunities" tab. A central username and password is available through the IAPD office to see the list of jobs - contact Mary at cosimano@ksu.edu for the username and password. 

Class Updates

Prior to spring break, the second year class had been busy finishing up their empathy project, designing hand-held sanders and experimenting with the CNC. For their empathy project, students had to explore different buildings to see how their designs fit the needs of those with vision, hearing and physical disabilities. 

Third and fifth year classes - what have you been up to? Let us know by emailing updates to Mary at cosimano@ksu.edu. 

SOM Foundation - win $50,000

The SOM Foundation's goal is to instill in its fellows a heightened sense of responsibility as future leaders in the design disciplines by offering them an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the complexities of the built environment.

The SOM Prize is a $50,000 research and travel fellowship which enables one outstanding student to conduct in-depth research and pursue independent study outside the realm of established patterns. Additionally, a $20,000 travel research fellowship will also be awarded.

To learn more, go to their website or view the posting on IAPD's Webpage. 

IAPD Events

24 - IAPD Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
25 - IAPD 391 Film Screening - 5:30pm - Pierce Commons
26 - Amie Keener, Gensler Dallas and Brian Graham, Graham Design San Francisco - ADP Pro: NCIDQ and You - 2:30pm - Pierce Commons
26 - Brian Graham, Graham Design San Francisco - Inspirations and Work - 5:30 Pierce Commons
26 - 1st Year Meet and Greet - 7pm - Pierce Commons
25-29 - CELA Conference 

2-3 - IAPD 5th Year Design Development Review