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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



July 6, 2015

Department Head Notes

The activity around Seaton Hall, Seaton Court, and Mechanics Hall is encouraging as we prepare to move to the "Seaton West" location. In case you didn't realize it, the IAPD Office will be moving down the hall to Seaton 251 (our existing location will be in the midst of the construction zone); this move should be complete within the next two weeks. Our phone and emails remain the same, just the location is changing.

The new OfficeInsights has a great article titled "Be Original: Why Authenticity Matters" that I encourage you to read. Follow up with the comparison of original furniture pieces versus "knock-offs" on pages 9-10! This is but an excerpt from the OfficeInsights weekly newsletter, more information is available at http://www.officeinsight.com/

Have a great week!

Faculty Rotary Trip

Associate Professor Katrina Lewis attended the "Rotary Peace Symposium" in Sao Paulo, Brazil from June 4-5, 2015. The three day event included five plenary sessions with renowned speakers (including Dr. Oscar Arias, Nobel Laureate and former President of Costa Rice) and four breakout sessions led by Rotary Peace Fellows. 

Leading up to the event, an 'UnConference' was held, allowing Peace Fellows to reconnect with each other and share ideas for leveraging the power of almost 1000 Peace Fellows now working in peace and conflict resolution worldwide. 

Katrina found it rewarding to reconnect with four of her classmates from Chulalongkorn University and is excited about possible future endeavors. 

Signage & Wayfinding Intersession 

Are you looking for an elective class to take this fall? Consider enrolling in Donna Fullmer's Signage and Wayfinding class. This class will be 2 weeks online and 1 week of on-campus charrette and will design the signage and way finding for the National World War I museum & memorial in Kansas City. 

The museum just gained the rights to be the National World War I museum and memorial from Washington. It houses an amazing collection of items including tanks, planes, uniforms, fire arms, medical items and many, many more displays. 

The design will include the site, vehicular and pedestrian signage for the 29 acre park, museum and memorial including the site entrance, museum exterior entrance and directional signage ticket/information desk, specialty areas, donor wall, directional and information.

For more information, click here

Design Intelligence Survey

The 2015 Design Intelligence Survey invites students to fill out a short survey about their design program with questions about their personal perceptions of their program. Responses are kept anonymous. 

Please participate in these surveys for Interior Design andIndustrial Design. 

Due Date is August 1st! 

Faculty Offices 

IAPD Faculty, as you move into your new office locations, please stop by the Dean's office and obtain a key from Lisa Shubert. Your IAPD key will not open the office locations on 2nd or 3rd floors of Seaton.

IAPD Merchandise

IAPD Merchandise

IAPD Merchandise makes great gifts! Available in the IAPD Office or contact iapd@ksu.edu.

IAPD Events

17 - College Faculty/Staff Meeting - 9am - Swing Space
17 - IAPD Course Share - 11am-5pm
17 - Faculty & Staff Welcome Back Picnic
18 - IAPD Retreat - 8am-5pm
19 - ENVD Coordinator Meeting
24 - First Day of Class