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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



July 20, 2015

Department Head Notes

We are definitely on the countdown to Fall courses beginning, and I'm sure many of you have questions as the Summer winds down. We will try to anticipate your questions and provide helpful weekly updates from now until school begins. We will address general information in this newsletter, and follow up with emails to each of the classes (i.e. 4th year) with specifics - so it is important to read both as they arrive in your inbox!

For the first few weeks of the semester, our 4th and 5th year courses utilizing the IAPD Furniture Workshop will be located in the Seaton Hall College Workshop. This includes IAPD 802/803 and IAPD 813/814 as well as any elective offerings that would typically use the IAPD Furniture Workshop. A building is being erected on the site of Seaton West to house our shop facilities, and while it won't be ready on the first day of classes, using the College Shop space allows our courses to be offered effectively in the meantime.

Crews of people have been working throughout the summer to facilitate preparation of the Seaton West space as well as the move of furniture to the space for classes and studios. Additionally, our IAPD office space is currently in a bit of disarray as we move the short distance down the hall to Seaton 251.

Please bear with us during both of these transitions. These aren't the only transitions in play for IAPD. We say goodbye to Mary Cosimano this week, who has made a significant impact on the IAPD Family during her time with us. I know you'll join me in wishing her only the best success for her future and that of her fiancé.

Stay cool,

Chris and Mary

Christopher Manzo - Visiting Faculty Member /Mary Cosimano - IAPD Staff

Faculty & Staff Changes


We would like to introduce you to our new professor Christopher Manzo, coming to us from Lexington, KY. Chris has been in the profession for the last 21 years, working in multiple design scales and along with with his professional experience, his most recent teaching experience was at the University of Kentucky. Educated at Wash U and the University of Oregon, he is well-positioned to teach both second and fourth year studios this coming Fall. 


We are saying "Goodbye" to our Administrative Specialist, Mary Cosimano this week. Mary has been with the department since October of 2013 and has made quite an impact during her time with us. She is leaving to move to Ithaca, NY with her fiance where she is hoping to get a job at a university in the area. We hope everyone stays in touch and wish her much success in the future! 

College Wide Resource Move - Input Needed


APDesign is moving technology equipment and servers. This will impact access to laser cutters, digital fab lab, plotters and the computer lab as well as the entire network (impacting your ability to log in to the network, be on the internet, access servers). We have been asked for appropriate dates for this work to occur including when services will be needed during the summer and when services will no longer be needed. 

Please contact Kathy today if you know of dates that may be problematic.

Design Intelligence Survey

The 2015 Design Intelligence Survey invites students to fill out a short survey about their design program with questions about their personal perceptions of their program. Responses are kept anonymous. 

Please participate in these surveys for Interior Design andIndustrial Design. 
Due Date is August 1st! 

IAPD Merchandise

IAPD Merchandise makes great gifts! Available in the IAPD Office or contact iapd@ksu.edu.

IAPD Events

17 - College Faculty/Staff Meeting - 9am - Swing Space
17 - IAPD Course Share - 11am-5pm
17 - Faculty & Staff Welcome Back Picnic
18 - IAPD Retreat - 8am-5pm
19 - ENVD Coordinator Meeting
24 - First Day of Class