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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



Many of us are in that enviable position of reliving the "First Day of School" each year in our careers. You know the feeling...... for me, my heart beats a bit faster with an excitement and anticipation about the year to come, eagerness to welcome back our students, and to learn what their summers held. Many of you were home, or here in Manhattan, or in an internship, or studying abroad, or working a job, or volunteering for a good cause, or some combination of these. Regardless of your summer, I hope you look forward to the New Year as much as I do - in one way of considering the year, we are "in school" - yet in a broader and more impactful way of viewing it, we are collectively shaping the future of the profession and affecting peoples' lives.

I'll be sharing a retrospective of 2014-15, and looking to both the near and distant future in today's IAPD All-Department Meeting at 3:00 in the Student Union Big 12 Room, and look forward to seeing you then!  
PS.....don't forget to take the obligatory "1st day of school photo"
Come to the Student Union Big 12 Room this afternoon at 3:00 for the IAPD All-Department Meeting. If you need a ride from APD West, a bus will leave the parking lot from there precisely at 2:30.
Student move-in to APD West progressed well this weekend as the building was open from 8:00-8:00 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With the ongoing final touches on the space, you will undoubtedly want to clean off your studio desk - and to that end, please find cleaning supplies on a desk in the 3rd year IAPD area. 
WELCOME BACK!  As you return to campus, please keep in mind multiple opportunities to become involved in IAPD and represent IAPD on College Committees. Click here for a list of committees and email Kathy with your interest!

IAPD Student Council Elections will occur this first week - be on the lookout for announcements!

Want to be involved with tutoring young people? Cardinal Scholars is a service that connects tutors with elementary, middle school, high school, and college students seeking help. Tutoring sessions can take place at the student's home, at a nearby library, on the tutor's campus, or even via Skype. (Compensation: Online tutoring sessions start at $15/hour, and in-person tutoring ranges from $23/hour up to $50/hour.)
NEWH Sustainable Design Competition information has been added to the website this week. For more information about this competition you can visit their website,http://newh.org/education/sustainable-design-competition/.  Also, make sure you check out the Competitions, Scholarships and Student Employment and Internship tabs on the IAPD website.  We've added several items over the past few weeks.
If you didn't turn your studio key in last semester you should have received an email.  We will need those keys turned back into our office in Seaton 251 by September 11th.
24 - First Day of Class - 
24 - All IAPD Meeting 3:00 in Big 12 Room in the Student Union. 
24 - All College Photo - 4pm on the steps of Seaton
24 - 4:30pm All College Forum in the Union Forum Hall. 
24 - 6:00pm All College Picnic Coffman Commons 
4 - Seaton Hall Groundbreaking at 11am - lunch to follow.
27 - Beginning of IAPD's Field Trip Week
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66505