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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



TONIGHT (6:30 pm, APD West) is the design charrette for the students who are participating to develop a master plan for a new farm training and healing center to serve wounded soldiers and their families. Read all about it in K-State Today.
Model making takes time, materials, iteration, and finally precision. Join SPARK! at 6:15 on Monday to tone your three dimensional skills and enjoy some pizza! (This session is especially aimed at 2nd year students.) 
On Thursday the 24th, SPARK will meet at 5:30 APD West before Portfolio Basics. Get introduced to the Adobe suite to aid you in building a professional portfolio and resume. Also, look foward to diving deeper into these programs following IAPD's feild trip week. Be sure to visit www.sparkiapd.wordpress.com for previous lectures and helpful resources!

TONIGHT!!  Surviving the Professional World:  A guide from A-Z Answering Your Questions About How to Navigate the Design Field 6:15-7:15 pm, Seaton 063.  Come to hear an interdisciplinary panel of design professionals share experiences of practice!  This event is sponsored by the Women in Design and the APD Dean's Office.  It will fulfill a Special Topic Event or Transition to Career requirement for APDPro.


On Thursday, September 24th APdPro:  Portfolio Basics, 6:00 pm, APD West, Rm 116.  Learn how to create a portfolio that will get you noticed by future employers.  With Mock Interviews in October, it's definitely a good idea to attend!  Katie Kingery-Page and Mark O'Hara of HOK will preset.  This event is a requirement for 2nd year APDPro students and will fulfill a Special Topic or Portfolio Basics requirement.


New APDPro Mentor Program available to current 3rd, 4th & 5th year APDPro students. Application deadline is Sept. 30th.  Learn all about this program!


Last Wednesday (Sept. 9th) we turned in our first project of the semester. It was an abstract project that focused on different interpretations of defining path, procession and place. One way in which path, procession and place were explored was by finding the definition and writing a haiku on each piece. Read more about 2nd year studio updateshere.


IAPD Student Council - To help with planning future meetings please take the survey below. Please check any times that you are available to meet. We meet twice a month and the meetings are usually an hour.  
IIDA Color + Couture - Thanks to all who came to the IIDA and Color + Couture kickoff meeting.  Color + Couture is an event sponsored by IIDA where students participate in creating a couture gown out of various interior finishes.  The runway show is scheduled for October 23rd at the Starlight Theater in KC. 
Design meetings for Color + Couture are September 22nd and September 24th at 8:00 pm at APD West.  Everyone is encouraged to come to one or all the meetings!

The All-University Career Fair will be in Bramlage Coliseum, September 22 and 23 from 11 am - 4 pm.  There will be 900+ company representatives from 300+ employers over these two days.  More firms have registered than have in past years so make sure you check the schedule for which day the firms will attend.  A few firms attending are GBA Architects & Engineers, HNTB, Olsson Associates, PBK Architects Inc, and Wilson & Company Inc Engineers and Architects.  For a list of all employers attending check the website.

We have a lot going on in IAPD.  If you want reminders to make sure you don't miss anything then follow us on twitter, @KStateIAPD or facebook, K-State IAPD.  We try to keep you in the loop on all meetings that are happening at APD West and in Seaton. #Stayinformed

Associate Professor Vibhavari Jani was the keynote speaker at Youth Meet in Gujarat State, India.  In her presentation she encouraged elementary school students to connect with nature and create awareness in their community about the need for preservation of forest and wildlife in their region.  Read about it here

Pave has announced the availability of four scholarships. They are targeted towards undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Industrial Design and Architecture with an emphasis on retail. Check them out!
Also, eVolo Magazine has announced a furniture design competition. This is an ideas competition and designers may submit pieces in production, prototypes, and/or concepts.  Projects will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, feasibility, function, and aesthetics. Learn morehere. 
IIDA and OFS Brands have teamed up to offer a Student Design Competition - click here for more information.
Students from all of our disciplines worked together to design Graphics and Wayfinding for the World War I Museum this weekend. Beginning with an informational lecture on Graphics and Wayfinding by Donna Fullmer Thursday evening, students went on to design in groups during a several hour period Sunday afternoon. 
21 - Advance Distinguished Lecture Series, Lisa Heschong, Daylighting Frontiers.  5-6 pm Leaderhip Bldg, Rm 114
21 - Surviving the Professional World, 6:15-7:15 pm, Seaton 063.
21 - Design Charrette for Wounded Warriors' Rehabilitation and Farm Training Center 6:30 pm, APD West
21 - SPARK! 6:15 pm at APD West
22 - Design Charrette presentation for Wounded Warriors' project, 6:30 pm, APD West
22 - Design meeting for C+C, 8:00 pm APD West
24 - SPARK! 5:30-6:00 pm at APD West
24 - APDPro:  Portfolio Basics, 6:00 pm, APD West, Rm 116
24 - IAPD Student Council, 7:00 APD West
24 - Design meeting for C+C, 8:00 pm APD West
25 - Architecture Evening, 7-9 pm, Alumni Center Banquet Room C.
25 - APD Golf Tournament
27 - Beginning of IAPD's Field Trip Week (3rd, 4th, partial 5th)
1 - Anita Lehmann Lecture, 4 pm, Union Flint Hills Room.
1 - Study Abroad Pecha Kucha, 6:30 pm, Seaton 063.
5 - APDPro:  Portfolio Review & Resume Review, 5:30-7:30 pm, APD West
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