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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



Photo by Vibha Jani
IAPD 5th year students listen to a presentation during their recent field trip to Kansas City high schools.
Capstone students attend field trip and workshop
26 fifth year IAPD graduate students visited four Kansas City high schools including J. C. Harmon, Wyandotte, CAPS, and MIC on September 7. This visit was organized to enhance their understanding about school design. Currently they are working on re-imagining the high schools of the future as part of their Capstone Studio project led by professors Vibha Jani and Katie Hoke.  

While touring these schools, IAPD students observed two different teaching models: traditional academic curriculum and how it shapes school environments and how new technology and project based, collaborative learning changes school environments.

DLR architects Scott Pashia and Kevin Greischar organized the tours of CAPS and MIC. Mr. Edward Marquez from KCKPS school district was instrumental in organizing the tours of J. C. Harmon and Wyandotte high schools and arranging the venue for the workshop. 

On September 8 they worked with 34 J. C. Harmon 10th grade students to envision "a day in the life of the future high school student." This workshop was led by four architects from the DLR Group: Patrick Knot, Ian Kilpatrick, June Yu, and Natalie Gillespie. Pat, Ian, and Natalie are APDesign alumni. 

This collaborative project is sponsored by DLR Group, based in Kansas City. The community partner is KCKPS school district. 
-Vibha Jani 
IAPD [Events]
IIDA Professionals to visit IAPD students
This Tuesday, Sept. 12, our IIDA professionals from Kansas City will make a trip to Manhattan to visit with us and talk a little bit more about what IIDA is and why we should be involved. There will be free food (probably pizza) for dinner!
The event will be in room 2092 (the studio with the big orange thing) at 7:30 PM. Tell all your friends. We hope to see you there!
- Sloan Satterlee, IIDA Student Chapter | President
IAPD [Awards/Competitions/Scholarships]
APDesign Student Video Awards
APDesign is looking for innovative and inspiring videos to showcase our beautiful new building to potential students. These videos should excite people about design and the idea of studying at the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design.

This year's theme for the video competition is: "... APDesign..."

The title of your video may include words before and after APDesign, and we encourage you to think outside of the box about how to show case our school.

There are 3 video categories:
2 Minutes or Less
30 Seconds or Less
GIF Production

To be considered for the competition you must complete the online entry form and deliver your video submission on a thumb drive to Thomas Jackson, room 2132G, between 12:00 PM noon September 25 and 12:00 PM noon October 2, 2017.

For more information about ENTRY RULES and AWARDS, click here.

Spark Tank: Research Travel Grant Award
Spark Tank is a chance for you to submit your research idea to a panel of judges and receive feedback to help you strengthen your OURCI Grant Application. Two $1000 OURCI Grants will be awarded at the Spark Tank Event!
Details: Each presenter will have 5 minutes to present their project to a panel of judges; Presentations should be a maximum of 5 minutes; 5 minutes for questions and feedback from judges
Apply for the event by September 22 by clicking here.
The actual event will take place Thursday, October 5, from 1:00-3:00 PM in the Union Big 12 Room
For more information about applying for an OURCI Research/Travel Grant, click here.
AIA KRob Competition
The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is a competition that aims to honor hand and digital delineation by student and professionals from around the world. Entries can include elevations, sections, conceptual ideas, final renderings, travel sketches, 3D printed projects, and more.

For more information about the KRob Delineation Competition, click here

To see past winners of the KRob Delineation Competition, click here

All entries must be received by Friday, October 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM CDT.
2017 IIDA Design Competition
The Student Design Competition celebrates original design and rewards individuals and/or teams whose projects demonstrate innovative, functional design solutions that have a positive environmental and human impact, while allowing emerging professionals the opportunity to showcase their work and fresh design ideas to professionals working in the field.
Prizes from OFS Brands: 1st Place - $2,500; 2nd Place - $1,500; 3rd Place - $750
Entry Information:
Review the official 2017 competition guidelines.
Competition Opens - Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 
Deadline to Enter - Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, 11:59 p.m. Central
Gensler Scholarship
The Gensler Scholarship recognizes and supports leadership potential in the field of Design and Architecture through a $2,500 Award. More information about the scholarship can be found here.
PAVE Accepting Applications
The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) is now accepting applications for its 2017 scholarship program benefiting college students. 
Guidelines, requirements, and the application can be found at www.paveglobal.org. The deadline for applications is Oct. 13, 2017.
APDesign [Updates/Events]
Raising Academic Integrity Standards in Education
Faculty who would like to test out the new online academic integrity program, RAISE may contact Stacey Chard in the Student Academic Services office, 532-1185 or schard@ksu.edu. The RAISE program is designed to help educate students about academic integrity and cheating. 
The program contains 5 sections. Topics include: unauthorized collaboration; technology; plagiarism/copyright; and decision-making guidelines. Students must pass a test after each section before moving forward. Students can complete the modules over time, or they can complete all of the sections during a class period/scheduled appointment. It takes about 55 minutes to complete the program. ENVD students and new Post-Bac students will participate in the program this semester.
Walter Hood to give inaugural Ekdahl Distinguished Lecture in Regnier Forum
The College of Architecture, Planning & Design will host Walter Hood, creative director and founder of Hood Design Studio. Hood will give the inaugural lecture of the Oscar S. Ekdahl Distinguished Lecture Series in Architecture and Design, titled "Hybrid Landscapes."
Hood will present the lecture in the new Regnier Forum, 1118 Regnier Hall, at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 15. The lecture is free, open to the public and is sponsored in part by the K-State Student Governing Association's fine arts fee.
For information on the entire Ekdahl Series click HERE.
Students at Work
IAPD Students at Work
Photo by Taylor Hegarty
Work surfaces expand to new heights
An IAPD student utilizes the new building's writable surfaces while brainstorming in a Design Research class.