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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

APDesign Newsletter 2.20.12


The College of Architecture, Planning & Design cordially invites you to meet the candidates for the position of Architecture Department Head. 

Matthew Knox
10:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 22, Room 206, K-State Student Union 

Henri de Hahn
10:30 a.m. Monday, February 27, Tadtman Board Room, Alumni Center

Mark DeKay
2 p.m. Wednesday, February 29, Little Theatre, K-State Student Union 

Ian MacBurnie
10:30 a.m. Monday, March 5, Big 12 Room, K-State Student Union 


What’s new in Weigel? Here’s some of the latest items added to our New Resources collection: 

Designers on Design by Terence Conran and Max Fraser-Through illustrations and artist interviews, this colorful and concise title chronologically highlights the major developments in numerous consumer driven fields including furniture design and product design, offering insight and context to the designers’ creative processes. 

Beatrix Farrand: Private Gardens, Public Landscapes by Judith Tankard-Born into a well to do family in the early 1900s, Farrand turned from the path of a socialite and followed her passion for landscape design. This comprehensive title illustrates Beatrix Farrand’s numerous design accomplishments including Newport estates, the campuses of Yale and Princeton, public gardens in Santa Barbara and New York and the garden at Dumbarton Oaks, now a part of Harvard University. 

Old Buildings, New Designs: Architectural transformations by Charles Bloszies-Why do people find old buildings interesting and how can they be incorporated into contemporary design? This title is part of a series called Architecture Briefs that present relevant information geared towards architecture students and young professionals including field-specific, technical information and basic principles of design and construction. 

Living with Memories: Parsee dwelling in early settlements of Gujarat by Snehal Nagarsheth and Pallavi Chilleriga-This title examines the historical relevance of cultural symbolism throughout the regions of India, Iran and ancient Persia. A great resource for historical information and architectural influence in these locales including great color photos and drawings. 

Don’t be left out! You can still be part of our Weigel Library art show!! So far we have received faculty sketches on a plate, a linen, a drink coaster, napkins and an air sickness bag. Inspired by the book Dinner for Architects: A collection of napkin sketches, we will be accepting sketch submissions from the faculty for display in Weigel. We’ve extended the drop off deadline to February 24. Please identify your sketch so that we may return it to you. 


Alumni Fellow Marvin Manlove, AIA (B Arch, BIA 1968) will be visiting Seaton Hall on Thursday and Friday for his Alumni Fellow visit. Marvin will be visiting studios and interacting with students, faculty and staff. 

If you see him around Seaton, please give Marvin Manlove, our distinguished alumnus, a warm APDesign welcome. 


Faculty and staff, please consider stopping by the reception outside the Chang Gallery this evening from 5:30-7:30 p.m. We will be enjoying the beautiful Italian Watercolors show in the Chang Gallery, noshing on refreshments and honoring Landscape Architecture Professor Bob Page’s retirement. 


Beat Kämpfen (http://www.kaempfen.com/) has accepted the Victor Regnier Distinguished Visiting Professorship for 2012-13. 

We are planning for Beat to give a fall lecture here in Manhattan, so stay tuned for future updates! 


OZ is on sale this week from noon-2 p.m. Wednesday and Friday in the Pierce Commons. OZ sells for $20. For $25, you can get a copy of OZand a T-shirt. (T-shirts are $10 on their own.) 

The OZ party is this weekend at the Dusty Bookshelf. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased in Seaton 108, at the OZ table in the Pierce Commons or at the door.


Faculty, the deadline to let Emily Vietti know that you wish to participate in the faculty show is 5 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, February 21. We have many faculty participating but would always love to include a few more! 


The 2012 Ted and Sue Knapp Rendering Competition will be taking place soon at APDesign. All entries must be turned in to the Dean’s Office by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 6. 

Watch your inboxes for the necessary form and more information. 


***Please inform Associate Dean Wendy Ornelas of your intent to apply prior to March 15, 2012*** 

Gensler’s Houston office is currently in the process of identifying candidates for their 2012 summer internship program.

Key components include staffing interns in the project teams as well as weekly learning forums specifically designed to augment the intern’s academic and practical experience. 

The students who are eligible for this program are students who have:
• Completed at least their third year of your program
• Exhibited a strong commitment to design
• Demonstrated competent computer skills
• Collaborative work skills
• Embraced learning as a continuous process 

Gensler would appreciate having resumes and portfolios by February 27. Everyone who would like to apply to the program can apply online at the Gensler website, www.gensler.com


Riley County Planning & Development department has posted a planning internship to aid with tasks including: 

Current and long-range planning efforts
Zoning enforcement
Grant administration
Other special projects

Job details can be viewed on their website at www.rileycountyks.gov


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP has a variety of summer internships in their Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and other offices. Many of the application deadlines are coming up in the next few weeks, so visit
http://www.som.com/content.cfm/careers for more information.


Announcing the 2012 James R. Coffman Leadership Institute: 
Empowered Individuals, Enhanced Institutions
August 8-10, 2012
Rock Springs 4-H Center, Leadership Lodge

Kansas State University proudly presents the 2012 James R. Coffman Leadership Institute. This two and a half day institute will offer faculty and unclassified staff a unique opportunity to refresh and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge. The Coffman Institute serves as a launching point for continuous leadership development, professional networking, and empowerment of Kansas State University professionals. 

Purpose of the Institute
The three primary objectives of this institute are:
1. Provide opportunity for participants to refresh and develop their leadership skills in a safe yet 
challenging learning environment.
2. Provide an opportunity for networking and interdisciplinary cooperation for faculty and staff.
3. Infuse Kansas State University with more empowered faculty and staff leaders. 

Building relationships:
An essential key for leadership success in any organization is the ability to build good relationships with members of the organization. Institute participants will have the opportunity to explore and initiate collaborative projects and discuss leadership issues. They will also have the chance to strengthen current relationships and to build new ones with other professionals at 
Kansas State University. 

Recognizing your leadership style:
The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is based on the philosophy that every individual can be a successful leader. This success depends on learning leadership skills as well as recognition of one’s leadership style. Further refining of one’s leadership style, understanding it’s associated strengths and challenges as well as its impact on decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving preferences will be a major focus of the institute. 

Institute format:
The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is a two and a half day and two-night, in-residence experience. Learning activities are arranged to maximize participant learning and engage all learning styles. Topics may include: inclusive leadership, conflict resolution, change management, leadership style assessment, shared leadership, team building. Formats: workshops, panel discussions, small and large group activities, small group discussions, multimedia presentations, case studies, self assessments.

What to expect:
Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a focused and in-depth adult learning experience aimed at leadership development. They will be offered knowledge and skill-based learning modules to engage them cognitively as well as behaviorally. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with other professionals who want to make a difference at Kansas State University. Conference activities will take place in a comfortable air-conditioned living/learning facility at Rock Springs Leadership Lodge. Participants will share spacious sleeping accommodations with individual beds and private baths. 

How to apply:
Contact deadline: March 1, 2012
Contact your dean, director or department head if you are interested in participating. Their nomination will serve as your application.
Nomination deadline: March 15, 2012
Deans, directors, and department heads submit email nominations to the School of Leadership 
Studies, Dorothy Smith at dorothy@k-state.edu. Email should include name, title, department, and email address of the individual(s) you wish to nominate. 

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Interested participant has submitted his or her name to your office for nomination to this institute.
  2. Nominee is available to attend the institute in its entirety including overnight stays.
  3. Nominee should be willing and able to share their learning with department and colleagues.
  4. Nominee is in good standing with the department.
  5. You may re-nominate individuals who did not receive an invitation to participate in previous James R. Coffman leadership Institutes.
  6. Please do not nominate individuals who have previously attended a James R. Coffman Leadership Institute.

Additional information:
For additional information please visit 
or contact Sharon Breiner, School of Leadership Studies at 532-6915 or sbreiner@ksu.edu.


The fourth-year Architecture representatives studying abroad in Germany this spring 2012 semester (Kate Connelly, David Bartlett, Andrew Helseth, Andrew Stith, Andrew Heerman, Ethan Rhoades) are running in the 32nd Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon.

Consider helping these students become an official K-State Running Team, as they represent the Department of Architecture in Berlin at this international event.

Faculty who would like to make a donation, big or small, to the fourth-year Aarchitecture students participating in the Berlin half marathon may drop them off to Kari in the department office. For online donations please go to:

For Berlin Half Marathon info go to: http://www.berliner-halbmarathon.de/en/

Thanks to everyone for their consideration.