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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


golf tourny
The Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning & Design (APDesign) will host their First Annual Alumni and Friends Golf Tournament on Friday, October 4, 2013 at the Manhattan Country Club, Manhattan, KS. The tournament is open to the first 24 foursomes to register and will benefit the students not currently receiving financial support through the APDesign Scholarship Fund. APDesign has over 750 students in the college and awards over 90 scholarships annually. The goal of this tournament is to increase the number of scholarships and opportunities for the deserving students in the college.

Corporate, and hole sponsorship opportunities exist and interested parties should contact Damon Fairchild, Director of Development, at 785-532-7524 or damonf@found.ksu.edu. Further information on the event and sponsorship levels can be found at: http://apdesign.k-state.edu/events .

The APDesign Scholarship Fund is a merit-based program with the goal of providing an opportunity for tuition assistance to hardworking deserving students whose past performance in all areas point to continued academic success.  Students who might not qualify for other academic scholarships are encouraged to apply, as extracurricular activities, volunteer work, work history, ability to communicate, recommendations and financial need, in addition to academic records and test scores, are all considered when evaluating candidates for the scholarship award. 



Scholarly Stitchers” create quilt for Weigel Library

No, the “cool off in Weigel Library” wasn’t implying that the library was cold and in need of a blanket, but long time library employee Pat Weisenburger donated seven CAPD t-shirts to the current librarians, who made contact with a group of ladies from Hale library who helped make this tribute to Pat. 

The Scholarly Stitchers are a group of librarians in Hale Library who have made it their passion to “stitch” things together. With the help of the college of Architecture, Planning & Design and Emily Vietti, the quilt has come together nicely, and is now helping keep the library walls warm.

The shirts bridge almost two decades, with the first shirt on the quilt from Wesienburger’s first year in 1982. T-shirt quilts are sometimes referred to as memory quilts, and for good reason. Along with being able to see the development in design for CAPD, the quilt pays tribute to a very well-liked and longtime employee.


Many APDesign Alumnus receive Kansas license

The Licensure Recognition Ceremony for newly licensed Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Geologists and Land Surveyors was held on July 12, 2013, at the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas. Licensure certificates were presented to licensees who recently passed their licensing exams. Joining the new licensees to celebrate this milestone in their careers were family, friends, supervisors, mentors and coworkers. More than 100 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was a joint effort of the Kansas Society of Professional Engineers, the Kansas Society of Land Surveyors, American Institute of Architects in Kansas,

Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, Prairie Gateway Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions. The Keynote Speaker for the program was Stanley T. Rolfe, Interim Dean of the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

Of the 28 architects to receive their certificates, 17 are APDesign alumnus/alumnae with graduation dates ranging from 1994 to 2010. These individuals include: 

    * Peter Baird 
    * Theresa Curtis 
    * Cole Dailey 
    * Jeffrey Dalton 
    * Angela Gann 
    * David Herron 
    * Erik Jorgensen 
    * Patrick Kost 
    * Joel Koster

  * Michelle Meyer Chavey 
  * Vanessa Myers 
  * Deanna Raithel 
  * Christopher Ricke 
  * Alicia Roberts 
  * Aaron Schump 
  * Hadley Stolte 
  * Eric Wittman 

Of the 6 landscape architects to receive their certificates, 4 are APDesign alumnus/alumna with graduation dates ranging from 1996-2008. These individuals include: 

    * Andrew Jordan 
    * Dustin Marsh 
    * Timothy Merklein 
    * Laura Turnbull 

Congratulations to all of these individuals. The State of Kansas licensure is an important step in becoming a recognized leader within their profession!


Scavenger Hunt!

Each week inside the E-Newsletter, there is a picture that doesn’t necessarily belong with the story it’s attached to. This picture will be something that stands out in Seaton hall, and will direct you into the area of a card that is hidden somewhere on the premises (including outside). When you find the laminated card, bring it to Seaton 214 to claim your prize.

Now, before you get to thinking this is going to be easy, I said SOMEWHERE in the E-Newsletter. You might have to click on “see more”. More information can be found on Facebook, but will not be posted until after the E-Newsletter has hit your inbox (giving the newsletter readers an advantage, hint hint)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

B & T

Seaton 214