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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



College of Architecture, Planning & Design
Kansas State University
2132 Regnier Hall
Manhattan KS 66506-2902

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What to expect while pursuing a degree in the College of Architecture, Planning & Design (APDesign)? You will be pursuing a comprehensive education that will serve you well in traditional and non-traditional job roles after graduation. The professions you enter will change over time and your education in APDesign will prepare you to be an innovative thinker and be on the cutting edge of change. While in school we will teach you the design process, including drawings, models, prototypes, computer programs to design, represent your design ideas; history and culture; how the arts are instrumental to creative thinking; how science is applied; sustainability; materials properties; ethics; social and psychological effects of spaces; team work; how communication of ideas graphically, orally, and written are vital to a successful design and planning professional. In addition you will learn time management, professional skills, and professionalism. You will be taught and have practice in synthesizing complex issues to make meaningful changes to our world, communities, spaces, and places. You will be able to visualize what is and what can or could be through integrating knowledge from a broad range of perspectives, disciplines and professions.