Student Success

APDesign students receiving an enriching educational experience that goes well beyond the classroom — through collaboration, involvement and opportunities for real-world design experience.

Welcome to the Office of Student and Academic Services

We are here to help you create an academic plan, connect you to college and campus resources, and work to find solutions to issues as they arise.

We will act as your guide from your first campus visit to navigating your first year in APDesign, to applying to the Graduate School, to choosing a study abroad or internship opportunity, and on to graduation. Our goal is to make your transition to college, Graduate School and into the professional world as smooth as possible.




Design Expo

February 26, 2024 - Hilton Garden Inn & Convention Center

DesignExpo is an opportunity to bring together students and professionals from firms throughout the country. Employers gain exposure to our students and are able to contact many potential employees leading to summer and academic internships or post-graduation employment. Students gain a better understanding of their respective disciplines and are able to interact with working professionals.

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