Common First Year
Environmental Design

Common First Year Studio Design

Common First Year Environmental Design

Common First Year

The first year is spent in a cohort-style program, called Environmental Design, that provides students with shared values, common principles, and meaningful relationships that continue to benefit them as they enter their specialized areas of interest and beyond.

First Year Experience

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First-year APDesign students take six common courses


Non-Baccalaureate Degrees

The 5-year accredited non-baccalaureate degrees we offer are the Master of Architecture, the Master of Interior Architecture, the Master of Industrial Design, the Master of Landscape Architecture, and the Master of Regional and Community Planning. You will begin your education by taking undergraduate courses and will apply to the graduate school in the spring semester of the third year. Following admission to the graduate school, you will complete 30 or more credit hours of graduate coursework (a GPA of 3.00 in all graduate coursework must be maintained) and graduate with an accredited master’s degree.

Academic Progress

  • You will apply to K-State and APDesign as an undergraduate student in Environmental Design Studies (the required first year for all APDesign non-baccalaureate degree-seeking students.)
  • You will apply for admission to a specific degree program in February of your first year.
  • You will apply for financial assistance and scholarships for your first through third year of study as an undergraduate student.
  • You will apply to the Graduate School in spring of your third year.
  • Admission to the Graduate School is based on academic performance in the last 60 hours of credit earned and the requirements are:
    • 3.00-4.00GPA – regular admission
    • 2.75-2.99GPA – probation
    • 2.50-2.74GPA – probation by department request (rarely granted - other selection criteria, as determined by the department, may apply.)
  • No bachelor's degrees will be granted. After completion of the degree program you will graduate with a master's degree.
  • One summer of coursework is required.
  • You will apply for financial assistance for the fourth and fifth year as a graduate student, which will mean the loss of federal grants, but may result in larger awards of assistance.