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(Y)our Future Starts Here
Your Journey Starts Here

As an industrial design student, you will have the knowledge and skills to create products that have a lasting effect on people. With our commitment to making, connection with industry partners, and creative start-up studio, students become opportunity-seeking designers ready to add to the broader profession of Industrial Design.

 Interior Architecture

Industrial Design

Our program is exceptionally diverse with a combination of studies focused on products for the built environment. From spatial experiential design to handheld devices, consumer goods, and furniture, you will learn to design at a range of scales. Our students will grow into stewards of the environment by looking at life cycles and upcycle alternatives to the products you design. Our students become passionate innovators and questioners of the status quo helping them create superior products for our future. 

 Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Our students gain hands-on experience in furniture design studios by producing their design prototypes in fully equipped, state-of-the-art wood, metal, plastic, and upholstery labs. Our labs house both traditional equipment and computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacturing equipment. Work with our faculty to gain valuable insight into materials and processes to become a great designer and maker.

High School & Transfer Students

Our department offers an accredited 5-year Master's degree in Industrial Design (MINDD), crafted for high school graduates and transfer students entering with no academic training in design. The MINDD is a five-year program with one year of environmental studies (foundations of design) followed by four years of INDD coursework, including a summer course. Approved by NASAD and incorporate coursework in industrial design and furniture design.

Show Me My Courses

Environmental Design 

First Semester (17)

ENVD 201 Environ. Design Studio I (4)

ENVD 250 History of Designed Enviro. I (3)

ENVD 203 Survey of Design Professions (1)

ENVD 204 Studio Seminar (1)

MATH 100 College Algebra (3)

COMM 105 Public Speaking 1A (2)

General Elective (3)

Second Semester (15)

ENVD 202 Environ. Design Studio II (4)

ENVD 251 History of Designed Environ. II (3)

PHYS 115 Descriptive Physics (5)

ENGL 100 Expository Writing I (3)



Interior Arch. and Product Design 

Third Semester (18)

IAPD 307 IAPD & INDD Design Studio I (5)

IAPD 248 Fundamentals of Arch. Tech. (3)

IAPD 430 Visual Communication I (2)

IAPD 456 Intro. to Product/Industrial Design (2)

ARCH 350 History of Designed Environ. III (3)

ENGL 200 Expository Writing II (3)

Fourth Semester (16)

INDD 320 INDD Design Studio II (5)

IAPD 407 Design Workshop I (3)

IAPD 412 Design Workshop Studio I (1)

IAPD 431 Visual Communication II (2)

IMSE 250 Intro to Mfg. Processes & Systems (2)

INDD 350 Product Semantics (3)

Fifth Semester (17)

INDD 435 INDD Design Studio III (5)

IAPD 602 Design Workshop II (3)

IAPD 603 Design Workshop Studio II (1)

INDD 310 Digital Applications (2)

INDD 325 Human Factors (3)

IAPD 416 History of Furniture (3)

Sixth Semester (17)

INDD 440 INDD Design Studio IV (5)

INDD 500 Materials and Mfg. Processes (3)

LAR 311 Unlocking Creativity (3)

IAPD 625 Lighting (3)

Art 303 Graphic Design for Non-majors (3)


Summer Options (7)

Focus Courses (7) OR

Education Abroad (7) OR

IAPD 664 Summer Internship (6) AND

IAPD 665 Summer Internship Report (1) 


Seventh Semester (14)

Option 1: On-campus, KCDC, or Study Abroad 

INDD 606 INDD Design Studio V (5) AND

Electives (9) 

Option 2: Internship

IAPD 644  Internship (9) AND

IAPD 645 Internship Report (5)

Eighth Semester (18)

INDD 811 Design Research (3)

INDD 801 INDD Design Studio VI (5)

IAPD 813 Design Workshop III (3)

IAPD 814 Design Workshop Studio III (1)

INDD 800 Professional Practice (3)

ENTRP 340 Intro to Entrepreneurship (3)

Ninth Semester (16)

IAPD 810 INDD Capstone Studio (5)

IAPD 815 Adv. Studio Programming (2)

ENTRP 350 Technology & Innovation Mangt. (3)

General Elective (6)

Tenth Semester (15)

INDD 822 Adv. Product Design Studio (6) OR

IAPD 824 Adv. Furniture Design Studio (6)

IAPD 891 Contemporary Design Seminar (3)

General Elective (6)

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170 Total Credits

Student Work
Interior Architecture

Furniture Design

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