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Interior Architecture

Learn to design interiors to make our lives healthier, more empowering and beautiful.

From (re)constructing building interiors to individual projects, our faculty grounds students in the essential process of inquiry and the design and making of space and form. With an innovative curriculum that combines two complementary fields of interior architecture and furniture design, our students are prepared to transform society.

Interior Architecture?
I appreciate the diversity in design skills we learn to use. Not only have I designed physical objects like vacuums and coffee shops, but I have also developed graphic design, marketing, and multi-disciplinary skills. Interior Architecture has given me a unique, yet diversified skillset and that makes every project exciting to execute.
Caitlyn Barry
I love how close you become with your classmates and even students in other years in school. I also love how Interior Architecture students are collaborative, and always willing to help each other. I believe that getting to converse with students outside your year and your studio allows you to learn as a designer, and also to be a teacher.
Abby O'Connor

Student Work


High School & Transfer Students

Our department offers an accredited 5-year Master's degree in Interior Architecture (MIARC), crafted for high school graduates and transfer students entering with no academic training in design. The MIARC is a five-year program with one year of environmental studies (foundations of design) followed by four years of IARC coursework, including a summer course. Accredited by CIDA, approved by NASAD, and incorporate coursework in interior architecture and furniture design.

College Graduates

Our department offers an accredited 2/3-year Master's degree in Interior Architecture (MIARC), developed for students entering with a previously completed bachelor's degree in any program of study. Applicants with previous degrees in design will be viewed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on how closely your degree aligns with our curriculum the years needed to complete the MIARC may be reduced from the three-year-plan. This degree is accredited by CIDA, approved by NASAD, and incorporates coursework in interior architecture and furniture design.

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