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Department of Interior Architecture & Industrial Design

Nathan Howe

Associate Professor and Department Head


FluidScapeThis international competition winner for Seger Park's water spray feature in Philadelphia, PA was awarded in 2011. The project is still being developed and fundraising is continuing to bring this fluid concrete design to children of Philadelphia.     


SpiderLaceSpiderLace was a finalist for the Built Environment Competition during the Sydney, Australia Design Exposition in 2011. The sculpture was on exhibit in the Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design in Sydney, Australia during 2011 to 2013 and stands over 6 feet tall and 30 feet long.     

 Lotus Chair

LotusChairThe Lotus Chair was an entry in an international competition for chair design for Battery Park in New York City. The conceptual premise was that given the chairs would be in storage every night, the patrons of the park could plug this "lotus" formed chair in a laced filigree pattern planted across the park's Green. (2013)     


VeilsThe Variant Exposure Intelligent Light Screen (V.E.I.L.S.) project was a 12-day Design-Build where the students were tasked to create an intervention in the Dean’s window, where temperatures could get to 120 degree during a sunny summer day. This aluminum perforated screen developed, creating a simple and elegant passive screen vanquishing any need for blinds and a much less need for AC. (Spring 2012)     


Dripple This 10-day Design-Build was to create an atmospheric transformation of the banal studio environment. The third-year students were tasked to conceptualize, budget and execute. The end result became a 15’x30’ light and environmental filter hovering over the top of the studio. (Spring 2011)     

 Bali Marina Research Centre


The Bali entry into an international ideas competition for a Marina Research Centre was Howe's first foray in parametric modeling. The concept for the building was to create a leviathan creature of the Centre, which would manifest itself as a literal and figurative protector of the Bali coastline during a tsunami, the main research performed at the Centre. (2010)

This design also won Juror's Choice at the Design Communications Association 2014 Faculty Design Awards.



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