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Department of Interior Architecture & Industrial Design

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Your Creativity Thrives

Interior Architecture
NEXT Design, Interior Architecture by Chloe CudneyNEXT Design, Interior Architecture by Reid ThornburgConstellation Nomad, Interior Architecture by Chloe Cudney
Sumner AcademyK-State College of EducationJC Harmon — The Future of Education
Symbiosis, Interior Architecture by Emme GoodinNEXT Design, Interior Architecture by Kanoa San MiguelInvitation + Intersection, Interior Architecture by Anna Rayburn
The Hub, Interior Architecture by Makena RhodesNEXT Design, Interior Architecture by Lucy CrowderNEXT Design, Interior Architecture by Jacquelynn Ruwwe


Industrial Design

Infinitum, Industrial Design by Lauren FitzpatrickHaruki, Industrial Design by Julia WilsonBrise, Industrial Design by Sofia Acosta
Shelly, Industrial Design by Lauren RuddSun Paint, Industrial Design by Joel BurfordCardBOARD, Industrial Design
Kindred, Industrial Design by Maggie FergusonMylk, Industrial Design by Brooke RowlandNative - Buffalo Coast Boarding and Scootering, Industrial Design
Hyperease, Industrial Design by Solomon RenfroBoru, Industrial Design by Mary WinzerLife Cycle, Industrial Design by Grace Manuel


Furniture Design

Lotiv, Furniture Design by Chris Garcia and Katherine ArndtRoo, Furniture Design by Garrett Steinlage and Chelsea FlickingerFlint Hills aTa Bus Stop, Interior Architecture by Yoder, Hill, and Zhao
Lattice, Furniture Design by Julian LeeKerf, Furniture Design by Josh MullinsBalance + Lean, Furniture Design by Maura Thieszen
Split, Furniture Design by Emme GoodinEcho, Furniture Design by Abigail DickStix Coat Rack, Furniture Design by Ellie Williams

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