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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


September 8, 2014

College Shop Training

Do you need to use the college shop? Training is required for all students to use the college shop. Please read more information here and feel free to sign up for a training time. 

IIDA Informational Meeting

Do you love food? Are you interested in joining IIDA? If you answered yes to one (or both) of these questions, come join your fellow classmates tomorrow, Tuesday September 9th, in the KSU Student Union room 206 at 5:30. 

What about the food? DINNER will be provided!

So come and learn about IIDA, eat some food and connect with IIDA board members from various locations to learn about student initiatives, competitions and otherfun events

Faculty Notes

Faculty, please get your fall semester syllabi for your Fall classes to Mary no later than Monday, September 15th. Please email them to her at cosimano@ksu.edu. 

Scholarship Opportunity

NEWH, Inc is offering a $4,000 scholarship to one individual who is pursuing a career affiliated with the Hospitality Industry in  Interior Design or Architecture. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and how to apply, check it out here or check out the application for details here.

IAPD Events
9th IIDA Informational Meeting - Student Union 206 - 5:30 pm
11th President Schulz and Provost Mason Presentation - Pierce Commons - 10am
11th IAPD Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
14th APD Pro Kickoff
14th Study Abroad Info Session - 2pm
16th College Faculty Meeting - 11:45-1:15 - S. 104
18th IAPD Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
22nd Henry Mallgrave Lecture
23rd Study Abroad Info Session - Seaton 63 - 2:30pm
25th IAPD Faculty Meeting - 11:30-12:20 - Crit Space
26th President Schultz State of the University - Alumni Center - 3:30pm
27th Family Day
28th - Oct 4 IAPD Field Trips 
30th Study Abroad Info Session - Seaton 63 - 2:30pm