Associate Professor Rod Troyer received his Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University in 1971; then in 1985 Troyer earned his Masters of Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon. His studies at the University of Oregon were emphasized in Furniture Design, Ergonomics and Seating.

Professor Troyer has been teaching furniture design in the IAPD Furniture Design Workshop for the last 30 years and guided much of its development. Over the years, his teaching and knowledge has helped a number of IAPD students create furniture pieces that have competed and won not only national, but international competitions.

The IAPD Furniture Design Workshop has a wall (also known as the ‘Wall of Fame") including photos of completed work from students over the last 40+ years and Professor Troyer recently worked to document the wall in an archival manner. This tool helps the furniture design professors when teaching, using past examples to encourage students to think outside of the box with current designs.

Outside of the IAPD shop and for the past 43 years, Professor Troyer has been a custom furniture designer. His passion for continuing to design furniture helps him stay current with design techniques and technology. He takes this knowledge and continually brings it back to the students for their use.