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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


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October 28, 2013

Message from the Department Head

Join me in welcoming Mary Cosimano to the IAPD family! Mary begins today in the Senior Administrative Specialist position, come say hello when you have an opportunity to do so.

We are beginning the 10th week of the semester and enrollment begins for Spring semester. If you have not already previewed the array of electives available for the semester, I encourage you to do so!

Sixty legislators and support staff will be in the building for a fast-paced tour tomorrow (Tuesday, October 29) from 1:30-2:00. They will primarily be on a route including the first floor of Seaton and into Seaton Court. 

Have you heard about ADP Pro? Learn more and see a list of Fall Events at this link.

News and Events

Approximately 70 K-State graduate students (17 are IAPD) representing 20 academic departments will present their scholarly research in a poster format to the K-State community and will discuss the implications their research has for important state-related issues. The session, titled "Research and the State" occurs Tuesday, October 29 with presentations and judging from 9-11 AM in the K and S Ballrooms in the K-State Student Union.

IIDA's Color and Couture occurred on Friday evening, October 25 at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. Our sponsor was Knoll and a group of IAPD students participated in the event. Color and Couture challenges designers to create fabulous garments out of leftover finish materials such as carpet, wood veneer, vinyl banners, parts and pieces from industrial design mockups, and more. How many current and previous IAPD grads do you recognize here?


Assistant Professor Katrina Lewis and colleague Bill Genereux from the Salina campus presented Collaborative Carving at the K-State Research & Extension Annual Conference on October 22. Based on their multi-year experiences and observations of the pumpkin carving outreach project with the Sunset Zoo, (involving IAPD or Computer Technology students on the Salina campus), they note that pumpkin carving presents a complex design challenge engaging the full design process from conceptualization to execution.  

Current Projects

Associate Professor Neal Hubbell's fourth year studio held their final presentations for the Steelcase Competition in 360 Architecture's office in Kansas City last friday. Thank you to all who participated!

Financial Planning

A free program (SALT) regarding financial managment is available to all K-State students and alumni! Learn more about SALT through this link. 

IAPD Student Council

Take a break from studies and enjoy a treat tomorrow evening as the IAPD Student Council hosts a Halloween Party beginning at 8 PM. Costumes are highly encouraged (but not required!).

Lunch 'n Learn

Fourth year student Sarah Swaim has been successful in lining up our first Lunch 'n Learn for the semester - look for an email from Sarah asking for RSVPs so our presenters know how much lunch to provide. Phil Ross from Interface/Flor will be here on November 13. These Lunch 'n Learns are aimed at providing students from all disciplines in our college with current knowledge of industry-related products and topics.

Upcoming Guests

iapd_katiehokeNext week, IAPD 10-Year Alumni Honoree Katie Hoke, McClellan Architects in Seattle, will be honored on Thursday and Friday. She will visit studios and give a presentation related to her work on Friday November 8. Look for additional details to come, and visit the Chang Gallery for an exhibition of the work of each of the College 10-Year Alumni Honorees!

Paulette Hebert, a professor from Oklahoma State University, will be visiting with us all next week. Professor Hebert will give a presentation based on work she and students conducted for the Argonne National Laboratory, will be involved in studios at various levels, and will be available to meet with individual students with an interest in lighting design.


Oct 29 Research and the State Graduate Student Poster Session. Open 9-5. Presentations & Judging 9-11. Awards 1:00. Union Ballrooms K and S. 
Oct 29 Legislators tour Seaton and Seaton Court 1:30-2.
Oct 29 IAPD Student Council-sponsored Halloween Party 8:00 Seaton Courtyard.
Oct 31 IAPD Faculty Meeting in 202F 11:30-12:30
Nov 1 Sabbatical Applications due to IAPD office
Nov 4 APDPro: PFC College Financial Planning
Noon – 1 p.m., Pierce Commons, Seaton Hall
Nov 4-8 Professor Paulette Hebert, Oklahoma State University
Nov 7-8 10-Year Alumni Honoree Katie Hoke
Nov 7 IAPD Faculty meeting *cancelled*
Nov 9 APDesign Research Symposium with Linda Sorrento, Executive Director of the National Academy of Environmental Design
Nov 11 2nd Year critiques 1:30-4:30 Seaton 104
Nov 13 Lunch 'n Learn 
Nov 13 2nd Year critiques 1:30-4:30 Seaton 104