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College of Architecture, Planning & Design



Mobile Immersion Theater

A mobile theater consisting of high resolution projectors and screens used for extension activities and perception research.  Learn more >>

Mobile Heliodon

A device for adjusting angle between a flat surface and a beam of light to match the angle between a horizontal plane at a specific latitude and the solar beam.  Heliodons are used to studying lighting.  Learn more >>

Glass Studio

Learn more >>



U-Print - 3-D Printer

This 3-D printer prints plastic components and parts with ABS plastic.  Used for creating products for use as well as modeling parts for design iterations and analysis.  Learn more >>

Form 1 - 3-D Printer

This 3-D printer prints resin and uses laser centering to heat the resin for the print.  This allows the device to print highly accurate parts.  Learn more >>

Laser Cutters

These laser cutters are precision CNC devices.  Used to cut all types of sheet material from woods to papers to plastics.  Learn more >>

Metal Shop

Sheet metal brakes, shears, rollers; tubing bender; engine lathes; vertical milling machines; horizontal bandsaw; MIG, TIG, oxy-acetylene welders; plasma cutters.  Learn more >>

CNC Router

A 3-axis CAM platform with vacuum hold-down table.  Useful for realizing CAD-drawn models for molds, furniture components, carvings, and 3D site models.


A heat - and vacuum-actuated device for molding thermally-deformable plastic sheets into 3D shapes.  Learn more >>

Wood Shop

10" table saw; 60" panel saw; 10" miter saws; Drill presses, portable planers; 6" jointer, 14" bandsaws, 18" scroll saw; and vacuum clamping.  Learn more>>



APDesign Plot Club

A variety of large format plotters and printers capable of printing on a variety of mediums.  Learn more >>



Photo Lab

A lab environment with two lights with softboxes, backdrops, and camera equipment used for documentation of projects.  Learn more >>

APDesign Computing Lab

A lab of 30 Dell Precision Workstation running 64-bit Windows, Autodesk, Adobe, ESRI, Microsoft Office, and many more applications.  Learn more >>

Printmaking Studio Lab

The printshop is equipped with a Table Top Etching Press with 30 x 48" bed for intaglio, engraving, and relief printing techniques, screen printing stands, and a light box.  Used for creating hand-made visuals with opportunities to combine digital processes.  Learn more >>

IAPD Woodshop Lab

Learn more >>



3D Scanning

Learn more >>

2D Scanning

Learn more >>

Large Format Scanner

Learn more >>



Server Share Space

A place where a file share can be created for collaborative course work.  Learn more >>

Access to KSU Site Licensed Software

KSU site licensed software is often available for student use with no additional costs.  Learn more >>

Network Setup

Learn how to be a part of the APDesign network.  Gain access to free software and other resources mentioned on this page.  Learn more >>



Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling

Where appropriate, shaping terrain is a big part of shaping the outdoor environment for either functional or aesthetic reasons.  It is a major design task performed by landscape architects.  Computerized tools like Autodesk’s Civil 3D can assist in the preparation of grading and earthwork construction documents. Civil 3D can also be used to prepare terrain surfaces for import into advanced simulation or animation programs to produce stunning 3D visualizations.  This textbook is utilized in LAR 520 Landscape Architecture Technical Module II.

Cross, D. A.  (2015).  Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling.  [Open and Alternative Textbook version].  Access:  https://k-state.instructure.com/courses/3246