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Ph.D. Program

PhD Graduate Faculty

The faculty member who accepts responsibility for the PhD student is called: the major professor, committee chair, advisor, and/or supervisor.  These terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same person and role.

The faculty listed below are certified by the University to serve as major professors to PhD students.  Other graduate faculty in the College may serve as a member on a PhD committee, but they cannot be the major.

One member of the core Ph.D. faculty must accept mentorship responsibility for any student prior to their admittance to the doctoral program. We will only accept students whose research interests overlap with our PhD faculty’s expertise.


Faculty Scholarly Interests and Expertise

Only the faculty with an asterisk (*) by their names are available to accept students in fall 2020. 

*Anne Beamish, PhD, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Urban landscape history; design of sidewalks, streets and parks; 18th-19th century pleasure gardens; nighttime and public lighting (historical and contemporary); public art; memory and commemoration; and the cultural life of trees. 

Mick Charney, PhD, Associate Professor of Architecture
Architectural history (all periods and locales); modern architectural history and theory (1750-present); Frank Lloyd Wright; religious architecture (all faith-based belief systems); pedagogy of architectural history; and the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

*Bob Condia, FAIA, M.S. Architecture and building design, Professor of Architecture
Our lab studies the biological basis of architectural perception through vision, and the neuroscience for architecture; i.e.,our focus is on the biological, multimodal foundation of the aesthetic experience of space created by the built environment.  See also PLab2003S.com and Triptychapn.org  

*Huston Gibson, PhD, Associate Professor of Regional & Community Planning and Community Development
The dynamics that comprise the well-being of our communities and regions, and the people who live, work, and play in them. 

Michael Gibson, M.Arch., Associate Professor of Architecture
Sustainable design; high-performance buildings; energy modeling; facade systems; prototyping; heat transfer in buildings; building science; and building energy measurement. 

Timothy D. Keane, Ph.D., Professor of Landscape Architecture
Fluvial geomorphology; landscape ecology; natural channel design restoration; watershed assessment; streambank erosion; stream sediment dynamics; stream channel stability assessment; ecological site analysis; landscape perception and aesthetics; green infrastructure; and urban stream restoration. 

*Hyung Jin Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Community design for physical activity; social & health-related perspectives in urban/rural settings; school environments; quantitative design methods; and GIS-based spatial analysis of urban form. 

*Stephanie A. Rolley, MCP, Professor of Landscape Architecture
Visual thinking; creative processes; diagramming and mapping; community engagement and design; impact of historic plans on contemporary cities; and the future of professional planning and design education.

*Lee R. Skabelund, MLA, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Low-impact design and development; watershed-sensitive planning/design; landscape ecology; ecological restoration; stormwater management; ecological green roofs; rain-garden and bio-retention planning; and design.