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Please note that events are subject to change.
Updates will be made ongoing regarding transportation from Rome to Orvieto and back pending upon flight schedules, please check back to this page for any changes.

There are several opportunities scheduled for free time to explore Orvieto and dine on your own. Click HERE for a list of restaurants

  • April 23rd:
  • Arrival in Orvieto
  • Shuttle buses from Airport to Orvieto (time TBD according to itineraries)
  • Accommodation at HOTEL PICCOLOMINI, Piazza dei Ranieri, 36
  • tel +39 0763341743 
  • 7:30pm Group Dinner at Vincaffè, Via Filippeschi, 39

April 24th:

April 25th:

  • 9:00am City Market walking tour
  • 9:45am Transfer to Neri’s Winery
  • 10:00am Italian Culinary/ Umbrian Wine Class
  • 3:00pm Return to Orvieto
  • FREE TIME – Dinner on your own

April 26th:

April 27th:

  • 8:00am departure to Caprarola
  • 9:30am tour of Villa Farnese
  • 12:30pm local products tasting
  • 2:30pm transfer to Bagnaia
  • 3:30pm guided tour to Villa Lante
  • 5:00pm Return to Orvieto
  • FREE TIME – Dinner on your own

April 28th:

April 29th:

  • 9:00am - 3:00pm Cheese Workshop
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm Leather Workshop
  • 4:00pm - 7:00pm DAC Meeting
  • 7:30pm Farewell Dinner at Mancinelli Opera Theatre


April 30th:

TBD: Shuttle buses to airport