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COOKING CLASS: Piazza del Popolo, one of the main square in Orvieto, hosts the City Market, on Thursday and Saturday morning. Farmers and artisanal producers from the surrounding countryside arrive at the market in Orvieto early in the morning to sell their products. Their colourful caravans occupy all the available space of the Piazza heaved with farmers engrossed in negotiations on the price of this or that produce, proud of the luxuriant zero-kilometre produce brought to the "piazza" from their vegetable gardens.

If you are looking for fresh fruit and veggies, the market is a real point of reference for lovers of non-intensive agriculture. Chef Simona and Sommelier Graziella will lead you through the main stalls and will help you to purchase the ingredients for your cooking class. A private bus will then drive you to the Neri’s Winery, where in a professional kitchen you will learn how to cook some traditional recipes under the guidance of the Chef. A final lunch will be served along with a presentation of local wines, food -wine pairing and tour of the winery with Sommelier Graziella.


LEATHER WORKSHOP: Federico, a young talented shoemaker, has been working in leather for 10 years. Along with his wife, Hannah, an american by birth, graduated at Gordon College, they will teach you everything regarding leather tanning and quality, sewing techniques, goodyear welting, pattern design and construction. You will learn how to make a book cover.

CHEESE WORKSHOP: Visit to a farm practicing organic breeding of dairy goats and to the cheese factory that produces handcrafted cheeses, butter and yogurt, which was awarded in 2015 to the national competition Agri Yogurt as the best farm yogurt made with goat milk. Cheesemaking demonstration in the cheese shop, with direct participation in some stages of processing. Tasting of artisanal cheeses made with raw milk, from fresh to hard cheeses “aged in a cave", combined with various types of honeys and jams, different types of bread and two wines from local producers. Tasting of yogurt or homemade dessert with locally produced flour .