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College of Architecture, Planning & Design

Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean's Advisory Council is an organization of leaders in architecture, planning, design and the allied professions, representing both alumni and supporters of the College. Primarily, this council serves as a forum for interaction between the design community and the College and provides a network system of support for the Dean and the College of Architecture, Planning & Design. Specifically, the Dean's Advisory Council:

  • Provides a method of dissemination of information concerning the College, its faculty and students with the objective that council members will share such information with practitioners, alumni and supporters.
  • Provides advice from the perspective of practitioners and industry leaders regarding long-range planning, support needs, curriculum and other issues affecting the College.
  • Provides increased opportunity for interaction between practitioners, faculty and students, and an opportunity for increased involvement in College programs and activities. 
  • Provides leadership to the K-State College of Architecture, Planning & Design alumni in the form of service and financial support.