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Department of Architecture

Student Opportunities

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We offer ways to engage the world. Our study trips, both domestic to cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and international to countries:  Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan provide the door to new experiences.

We embrace our context by engaging our towns, i.e. “The Small Town Studio,” studio projects located in Wamego, Cottonwood Falls and study trips to iconic architecture in Wichita, Kansas City and Des Moines, Iowa. 
Additionally, you may study at the Kansas City Design Center (KCDC) or with the Design+Make Studio (el Dorado, Inc.).
Your professional development is enriched by the Architecture lecture series, our Regnier Distinguished Visiting Chair and by your participation in APDesign’s ADPPro, Mock Interview and Design Expo for prospects of a summer internship and full-time employment.

Study abroad group in Italy


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