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Curricular Options

Studying in unfamiliar environments heightens cultural awareness, improves self-reliance and broadens professional horizons. We offer a variety of specific international study programs for our students and encourage students to give serious consideration to this option for the second semester of the fourth year.

Student overlooking Orvieto, Italy

The internship programs offer students the opportunity to gain a professional perspective through participation in professional and reflective activities that address educational goals and objectives. Internships also allow employers to preview prospective candidates for employment, must be paid and are taken for credit.

There are various research focuses during the final year of studios for our students. These studios tend to change every year but this sampling gives an idea of the diversity and richness of the what the graduate studios have to offer.

Design + Make 

Small Town Studio


Kansas City Design Center (KCDC)

HOK Sponsored Studio

Regnier Studio




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